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Spell It Out?

Sep 24, 2000
Here's a request from a relative newcomer: when posting a new topic or when referring to a specific product for the first time in posting, could you please spell it out (Maker, Model Number, whatever.....) rather than referring to it by a cryptic - to me, anyway! - set of initials and/or numbers? It can be really frustrating to read through numerous notes about a blade that sounds interesting but not be able to figure out just which one it is. Referring to it by a full name just once, at the beginning of your post would be much appreciated. At least much appreciated by me. Thanks.
BTTT is Back To The Top...keeps a topic up near the top of the listing, so that folks who don't feel like scrolling down will see it, and hopefully, reply.

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I remember having hard time to figure out what even SAK means. To a newbies it would be very useful if there was a kind of legend explaining all the knife related and other abbreviations frequently used in this forum. Remember, some of us learned English only at school and abbreviations of this kind are rarely subjects in most of the English classes.
I am also a relative newbie around here too, but I am beginning to decipher most of the acronyms... Anyway, I've thought for a long time that it would be nice if there was a "glossary of terms" for this website. Some of the many terms that could be defined (perhaps with examples) would be..
choil, liner, eccentric pivot, hollow ground, rebevel, damascus, scale... I'm sure that there are hundreds more that could be included. A lot of the acronyms could be included also..

So what do you guys think? Could this perhaps be a collaborative effort that we could all contribute to?

I vote for avoiding abreviations--typing just is not that hard. If your post is intended to spread your knowledge to the less informed you are reducing the effectiveness of your efforts if you don't write clearly.
I try to spell things out, it does make things easier for everyone.

For knife anatomy, look in the 'Knowledge Base'. Try 'FAQ' then 'Knowledge Base'

Hope this helps.

I think you make an excellent point. I will do my best to be as easy to understand as I can. Thanks for pointing this ouy. I think that after awhile we may forget that some of the new members may not know what it is that we are saying. Actually, I still read some posts that I have no idea what the person is trying to say. Some posts are as clear as mud. Usually I will ask the person to clarify what it is they are trying to get across.

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I don't see any reason why we couldn't have a BFC Glossary. In fact, I think it's a great idea (but then again, I'm not Spark
). I agree with Jeff to a point, but have to admit that it sure is a heckuva lot easier to type SAK than Swiss Army Knife.

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The FAQs heading on the home page will go a long way to helping you. There are a lot of us hunt-and-peck typists out there who use a lot of abbreviations to speed things up a bit. I am more than happy to answer any questions that puzzle you about the forums. Many have done it for me.Feel free to e-mail me. Remember, there are no stupid questions,there are only stupid politicians


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Your replies are much appreciated, but I just wanted to mention again that it isn't the technical terms that get me - those I can always look up on my own - it is the constant referances to specific blades (and occasionally other products) by an abbreviiation and/or number. It is usually hard to know where to begin looking if that's all I have to go on. And if I search for it, I usually end up with more listings of the same code referance! So, my request is simply that whenever an item is FIRST refered to, whoever is writing the post take a moment to spell out the full name. Just one time. For un un-initiated out there. And, yeah, it took me a bit to figger out what SAK ment too,inspite of the one that's been on m'belt for the last dozen years! Thanks!