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Question "Spot Deal" Rule - need some help in understanding better

May 13, 2015
Hi Tech Support!

Along these two years here I think I have mostly managed all the rules :) but I need some further clarification about the “spot deal” rule. I think it’s just my problem, likely due to English not being my first language and the translation (and the concept) being a different thing in my own language. To better understand, I’ll try with “business cases” examples; can you help me out in defining what is GO and what’s NOGO in relation with braking or not the “spot deal rule”? Thanks a lot! :)

Case # 1
Member 1: Oh boy, that’s a great ABC folder you’re having there! I’d like to get one myself!
Me: Thanks! Oh, that’s perfect! I have it for sale: it’s 100 bucks, if you want it’s yours.

This is clearly NOGO for me. Am I right?

Case # 2
Member 1: Oh boy, that’s a great ABC folder you’re having there! I’d like to get one myself! Don’t find any dealer here having one in stock. Where did you buy?
Me: Thanks! I bough it at XYZ. They have in stock, here’s the link: http://xyz, etc.

Is this GO or NOGO?

Case # 3
Me (rambling about e.g. a new acquisition): So this is my new ABC folder. Got a great sales experience and support from XYZ dealer who runs a brick & mortar store just 20 km away from my home. They also sell on-line and Tom it’s a really good dude to deal with.

Is this GO or NOGO?

Thanks for clarifying!


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Apr 11, 2007
Case #1 - This would be a GO for you as you're a gold member. We do however prefer business like this stay in the Exchange or taken private. This would be NOGO for any membership below gold (registered and basic).

Case #2 - This would be a GO if you're mentioning a supporting dealer/business. If it's not a supporting dealer/business, it would be a NOGO. You can however always take these conversations to email or another means of private communication.

Case #3 - This would be a GO provided it was posted in the correct forum (Feedback).
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May 13, 2015
Hi Morrow Morrow ! Thanks for explanation. Very clear now :thumbsup:, I was, in fact, misunderstanding few things about this :).


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Feb 18, 2010
Yes, thanks for the clarification/reminder.

On the same go/no go type question.

Current scenario - Some guy is selling a knife. NO PHOTOS and not telling how to obtain photos :confused::mad:.

There are 4 people asking him to email photos.

I'm interested too but I want to post in his sale thread (not in bold - just here for clarity) -

PLEASE post photos in this thread. While you are emailing photos to everyone you could be closing a sale HERE!

Go or NO GO? It is a sale related question (though admittedly with an attitude):rolleyes:.

No I'm not going to get in the email queue :thumbsdown: