(Spouse/Significant Others, Don't Read!!) Valentine's Day Knife

Dec 30, 1998
I bought my wife the most romantic gift of all for Valentine's Day: Spyderco Endura (fully serrated!).
I can't wait till tomorrow. It's gonna melt her heart! She'll be all over me!!!

Dear SJC,
Unless you have a different kind of wife than the rest of us, You better wrap that Endura in a chinchilla coat.
If not, You're right, she'll be "all over you".
Best of luck
I dunno...since I can imagine anyone I date is very unlikely to be a knife nut, I'd probably go the flowers and dinner route...and give her a KISS.

When she asks what it is, I'll say it's a suggestion.

Unfortunately, I'll hafta wait to use this, as I'm single and unattached. Alas!
You beat me to it, Doc. I was thinking about a MOD Ladyhawk for mine... then the moment of insanity passed.

Good luck, SJC!

You guys have it all wrong.....you buy her a knife you will like and then offer to take it off her hands when she boots you to the couch.

Am I the only one who thinks like this? Who gives a S_ _ t about flowers and chocolates and all that romantic gunk. There is steel out there!

Slow: Excellent choice in your gift giving. We all could learn something from your thoughtfulness.


(I got my wife flowers a gift certificate to get her hair done.....she explicitly told me: "No KNIVES!") Blahhhhh


Ok, for last valentines day, my girlfriend took ME out to see "The Replacement Killers," while all the other poor shmucks were waiting on a mile-long line to see Titanic with their girlfriends. And for her last birthday, I gave her an old pair of my jeans, and an old expandable baton... and she was all over me! (don't ask me where I got her... I don't ask myself.)
I got my girlfriend flowers, I guess I am unthoughtful schmuck, but she did use the Goddard Lightweight (which I bought for her for no other reason than that she looks sexy with a knife) to trim the flowers with.


I think I got her sister(figuatively at least, all my friends now refer to me as "Lucky Bastard")...I don't ask where I got her either, but she is my proof that there is a God.



"No, it's a Vaquero Grande in my pocket, but I am happy to see you!"
MegaFolderians Unite!!

I got my wife a silver Celtic pin from Scotia Metal Works, who just co-incidently also make knives ! When she said, "oh, I love it, but what should I get you?", I show her the pictures of Scottish dirks and sgian dhubs.

By the way, check out his site, it's neat. Don't remember the url at the moment, but you can find him in the International Knife Directory site.
From Mrs. slowjocrow

I love my Spyderco Endura which my husband gave me today for Valentines Day. It is actually a replacement for the same knife I gave to my brother-in-law after he lost his. Before that it was actually a gift I bought for my husband. When it came in the mail I took it out of the package and fell in love with it, so the poor guy didn't get to keep it very long. I permanently "borrowed" it for protection from dogs on my frequent walks (after all he has lots of other knives).
I used to do a lot of backpacking and always carried one or two knives which were used for everything from chopping wood to cutting cheese or medical purposes(I won't go into details). And yes I do like pretty knives too(pearl handles,etc.). Happy Valentines Day!
What does one do with a spouse who thinks everything with an edge is necessarily a weapon? I've tried to explain to her that they're just another tool, but she's not buying it. Of course, if push comes to shove, I bring up guns...suddenly knives are "ok".


I was going to get my Mom a Spyderco Bill Moran Lightweight for her (and Dad's) anniversary (which is on Valentine's Day).

Then I thought, "That's stupid." and didn't.

But when I talked to my Dad on the phone, he reminded me that she already carries an ancient old Case knife in her handbag everyday, and that he's been looking for a replacement for her to carry! He thinks she'd _love_ the Moran Lightweight, so I _am_ getting her a FB01! (Oh, and after I talked to my Dad about the knife, he is getting one for himself!)

You just never know, I guess...
Well, I didn't get my honey a knife, but she got me one, which is even better. She got me a Browning (i.e., Pelican) 2AAA flashlight and a Gerber Multi-Lite. Makes me happy!

Clay Fleischer

"10,000 Lemmings Can't Be Wrong!"
I eased my wife into carrying knives with a Spyderco Cricket alum/full serr. She loved it, it actually matches her purse. Must be the luck of the Irish!...I plan on stepping her up to a auto Mini Socom, I think this would be a wise choice for her next knife(small, fast, and serious).

OK, we're weird. But at least I'm a member of Bladeforums now!

I got my fiancee a frog. I know that's weird, but that's what she's wanted since Christmas, so that's what she got! If mama ain't happy . . .

She got me a copy of the Tao of Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee. I am a lucky man. Poor thing wanted to get me a CS tanto until she found out what one costs. I was hoping to conceal that sort of thing until about 30 knife purchases into the marriage . . . .
Hey, Got my wife one of those Spydie "Q" all serrated. She works around alot of guys and she tells me "you should see the look on there face when I flick!!" Shes fast man...
For Valentines day, I gave my girlfriend my recently acquired Purple Mini-SOCOM, which brought tears to her eyes, as she knows how eagerly I waited for it, and she's been coveting it ever since it arrived... I can always get more knives...

OTOH, she's not getting my Krait, no matter how much she eyes it; gotta draw the line somewhere

On a vaguely related note, my best friend bought her boyfriend his first knife (a blue BM Leopard) for his birthday. He wasn't a knife person before; now I catch him doing a lot of surreptitious flicking and grinning

-- Carl