Spyderco All Black Endura 2nd

Apr 30, 2002
So this Endura worked its way into my basket at the SFO 2nds sale and it's not a model I wanted. It was crazy in there, but I'll see if any of you guys want this before I cast if off to sleezbay.

If you don't know what a 2nd is, then it is a less than perfect looking knife. Looks like this one was destin to be #131V (was hidden by the price sticker) and someone scuffed the finish before it meet its destiny. No box or warantee, but the thing is fully usable and has no lock-up, wobble or functional issues at all. The edge is chip and ding free and looks/feels factory sharp. A solid knife with an ugly complex.

This one cost me 25.00 and tax/gas, so 29.00 covers the knife and shipping is 3.00. Total it at 32.00 and she can be yours. I'll take MO, PayPal (non-fees) or personal check if I know you.