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Spyderco Bill Moran Featherweight

Ask about it on the Spyderco forum. Last I heard it was coming out again but the edge bevel was (I think) v-ground.

Great job Cliff

Agree with your suggest mods on the blade shape. This knife is just killer, but for me the blade shape isn't optimal. I still like a classic drop- or straight-clip-point best for general use, because I get the belly up front, but there's also a straight part as well, and a controllable sharp point. I'm very much looking forward to the drop-point model.

I still haven't decided how I feel about the handle. Just picking up it and playing with it, I didn't like it that much, but it works really nice when cutting.
It is just a matter of being suited to the work, nothing more. I discussed this with a friend on the way to work this morning and he strongly prefers to have a strong up swept tip as it allows him to avoid penetration when it is not desired. For me that is not really an issue and I like a dropped tip for many reasons but again that just reflects what I do.

The handle is odd shaped and I would be very curious as to where the design came from. I did find it uncomfortable when heavy pressure was used, but that could just be particular to my hand. For light work it was surprisingly comfortable. I would never have guessed that by looking at it.

I'll probably pick up another for my mother as she really liked the handle and thought it was great to use in the kitchen.

Welcome, Joe, and Cliff !
I will usually carry a small knife daily. It will usually be a slip joint of some kind. I purchased a Spyderco Moran, with the Edge Works Sheath, that James Mattis had for sale.I did this after so many good things I had read on this forum. This combination is a
real fine every day user. I can pocket carry, or neck carry with the same sheath. The blade holds a very good edge and sharpens with ease. This is a package that a custom maker could not duplicate for 2 times the price.My vote - best buy in an every day user configuration under a 100 bucks.


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I believe the handle is designed by Bill Moran. I recently saw a picture containing a collection of Moran's knives. Sure enough, there was one that looked exactly like the Spyderco version -- except more ornimental.

when will you scientifically test the M2 High Speed Steel ?


If I'm not mistaken, I think I read that the handle design came from Bill Moran's own everyday carry knife, or his woodswalking knife, or something to that effect.

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

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