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Spyderco Calypso Jr Lightweight - the first month's use

The Calypso Jr is a lightweight lockback folder, with a tip down pocket clip which can be fitted on either side. I much like that the knife is symmetrical in this way. The blade is flat ground with a profiled spine. <a href="http://www.canit.se/%7Egriffon/knives/spc/c52sbk.jpg"><img src="http://www.canit.se/%7Egriffon/knives/spc/_c52sbk.jpg" alt="" align=right></a>I choose the variant with serrations, there is of course one with plain edge too, which is what I'd chose unless I wanted something specifically as a complement to another knife.

The handle has sort of a "fish scale" pattern, cleverly arranged so that the front part resists against slipping forwards and the rear the other way. This means it actually resists slipping in both directions and the pattern helps when you pull the knife from a pocket.

I like that it rides low in the pocket. The grip isn't like I'd design it, but it works holding both far back on the grip or forwards around the choil. It's a lightweight knife for its sturdyness.

It has worked well for what I intended it for, mainly things like cutting open cardboard boxes and packages and ropes. But it's also done well enough in the garden. Some may think VG-10 is overkill if the knife's serrated, but if it's serrated I think it's clearly a benefit it takes longer before it has to be sharpened.

Fit and finish on my example was acceptable for the price, but not perfect. The locking bar doesn't lie flush with the blade, so I've rounded off the corner of it with an ordniary diamond hone to get away from the uncomfortable 90 deg angle.

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Oct 16, 1998
I had one of these in plain-edge and really liked it a lot, although I found the VG-10 blade hard to sharpen. I used it for city living for many months and was very satisfied. But then I took it for a week of desert camping and abused it, lots of cutting rope and twine and boxes, with a little very light prying too, and the blade loosened up with a lot of lateral play. I gave it away . . . and bought a micarta Calypso Jr., which I will use lightly, as it was meant to be used. I really like this design for a small folding knife, both the blade and the handle give maximum functional performance in such a small package.

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