Spyderco Calypso Jr. Steel: Upgrade?

Oct 12, 1998

Has anyone heard anything about whether Spyderco may upgrade the steel in the Calypso Jr. ???

I had heard something about it, but it may just be a rumor caused by wishful thinking on the part of some folks -- myself included

Anyways, was wondering if anyone had any info on this.

Furthermore, I wonder if they did upgrade the steel, if they would...

1) go from AUS8A to ATS-55 like they did in the Dragonfly


2) use VG-10 so the Calypso Jr. matches it's big brother




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Spyderco recently updated its website with its new models, but no indication of upgrading the steel on the Calypso, Jr.

With such a fine design for a knife, it deserves at least ATS-34/55 in my opinion. I have one, but I won't get another until they move off the AUS-8 choice.
Well, I re-asked my question to Spyderco via email and here was their reply:

Dear Clay,

There is the possibility that the Calypso Jr. will be offered in the
future with ATS55 however, at present the knife hasn't been tested with
that particular steel and so it isn't offered. Keep an eye out or check
back with us later. Thanks for your interest in Spyderco.


Jeff Achuff
Customer Service



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