Spyderco Calypso Jr

Oct 5, 1998
Many of you have spoke very highly of the Spyderco Calypso Jr in black micarta. I got a chance to handle one this weekend at a new local knife shop and had a few reservations.

1) The blade has a nice flat grind, but has very little belly. Any comments?

2) I am lefty and the large thumb coil seemed to catch when carried in the left front pocket. Do you get used to the sharp corner?

3) I don't know if I like the front most index finger coil being part handle and part blade. Do you use this coil or hold the knife back further in the second coil?

Best Regards, Todd
Hi ToddO. Thanks for posting. I'll try to answer your questions to the best of my ability. Very nice looking knife IMO, especially the big Calypso C54. Here are the answers:

1) I have found that flat ground blades are very efficient at cutting through thick materials like layered cardboard, nylon webbing, PVC, and the like. I doubt that you will miss a belly on this blade! Not to mention, flat grinds are also very aesthetically pleasing. I love the solid appearance without any grind lines running parallel with the cutting edge. The Calypso Jr. borders on being a piece of art

2) Though I am right handed, I sometimes carry my Calypso and Calypso Jr. folders clipped to the left front pocket and use my left hand to open and close the blade. The sharp corner of the blade has not posed any concern for me.

3) This depends on what I am cutting. Most of the time I will grip the handle in the second choil, but if I need an extra measure of control, I will use the choke grip. All in all, I think you will find that the choke grip is not used all that often.

Hope this info helps.
Todd, I agree with you that I tend to like a slight belly on a blade. However, this knife is a logical design upgrade of the Delica/Endura models. You've chosen a very good knife, by the way.

The only time I pull my hand further back on the handle and not use the choil is when I'm cutting something with great resistance. Otherwise, I choke-up on the handle to do lighter/detail work.
Thanks for the help. I am going to swing by the shop this evening and pick one up.

Best Regards, Todd