Spyderco Carbon Fiber Collection For Sale

May 30, 2010
I have for sale the following Spyderco carbon fiber knives. I recently acquired most of them but need to fund another hobby. All of them are in excellent condition. The price includes CONUS shipping and they are no PayPal feels. I would prefer PayPal for payment. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for looking!


Spyderco CF Kopa - $85 NIB, PE SPF
Spyderco CF Delica - $190 NIB, PE $180
Spyderco CF Sage - $80.00 NIB, PE SOLD
Spyderco CF Native - $130.00 NIB, PE $120 SOLD
Spyderco CF Cricket - $100 $90 NIB, SE (box is Spyderco but has Japanese writing on it)
Spyderco CF Chicago - $75 NIB, PE SOLD
Spyderco CF Cat - $70 Appears New, I do not have the original box SOLD
Spyderco CF T-Mag - $115 $105 NIB, PE
Spyderco CF Super Hawk - $115 $105 NIB, PE SOLD
Spyderco CF Caly 3 $90 - NIB, PE SOLD
Spyderco CF Ladybug $85 $75 - Never used (box is original black and worn), SE, has defect in CF (small indention about the size of a half grain of rice)
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I'll take the Kopa. Visitor message sent with email contact info.
MO sent out 7/22/10.
Kopa received. Positive feedback left. Thanks!
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i will take sage please email me your paypal. paul.r82 at gmail dot com. do you have any pictures?
I'll take the Caly 3, if it is still available. PM me with the details.
Sorry folks, the wife dragged me to bed early last night. I responded to all the PMs and emails and have updated the list. Please let me know if you have any questions. My registered PayPal email address is rhump10405 at yahoo dot com.


Rob can you email me, Im very interested [on the verge] in the cf delica jlee3886@comcast.net Thanks. Just wondering if you had the box, and maybe some pics also.

Also question, I didnt know the ladybug had a sprint of carbon fiber? Is that true? or was it for another market? if possible, maybe we can work out a deal if the ladybug legit [sorry for the skepticism, I don't mean to call you a liar, I just never heard of the ladybug having a sprint of carbon fiber]. But I do know of the delica for sure. So please do email me :p - I may be late to email you if you get the email to me tommorow morning. I will be at work till 7 pacific time. Thanks.
Ladybug is legit just little known. Also it was only made in combo edge.