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Spyderco Chinook II and Dodo

Dec 15, 2003
1. Chinook II. This is the hollow ground one. Excellent condition. I carried this one but all I ever cut with it was arm hair to test sharpness. As a result of being carried, the coating wore off the clip screws, and there may be some slight wear on the clip itself. I also moved the clip for tip-up carry. Comes with original box. $90 shipped USPS Priority, insured & with delivery confirmation within the continental United States.

2. Dodo. This one is blue. Like the Chinook, this one was carried, but there's no sign of wear because the clip is bare stainless wire. I used it on Christmas morning 2005 to open clam packed presents. It's hands down the best clam pack opener I've ever used. It fits in a shirt pocket. Comes with original box. One more thing -- the blade on this Dodo is not perfectly centered, If that's a concern to you. It does not touch the scale. $SOLD shipped USPS Priority, insured & with delivery conformation.

NOTE: If these knives don't sell by January 6, 2007, then consider them withdrawn.

First "I'll take it" post gets priority. Please follow up with email to velohund@yahoo.com

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