Spyderco Civilian in a movie

Apr 21, 1999
I was watching the movie "Only the Strong"
a couple of weeks ago. It's a movie where some inner city youth learn this Brazilian martial art called Kapuata (spelling?). Well I noticed that in the scene where the youth first meet their teacher, one of them pulls a knife out and attacks the teacher. This knife happens to be a Spyderco Civilian. Just thought I would point this out to everyone.

Hmmm . . . I guess if a Civilian showed up in a movie, it would be some lawless character using it. Sigh

Why couldn't it deployed against a bad guy by some damsel in distress? Or somebody tending their herb garden?


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i know that two other spyderco folder actually showed up in movies too, in "double team" end scene where van damme cut his hair with a endura full metal jacket (love the way it click opened in the scene!) and in "cliff hanger" where sly's friend stab the BRIT' villient's leg with a delica (i'm the proud owner of one) and not forgetting the latest movie "entrapment" where Catherine zeta jones cut the painting with a delica too. Check out the movies and tell me if i'm right.

Power to the blade and lightsaber.
Hi all,
Just for some clarification, the martial art referred to is capoeira, I think that's how it's spelled, don't know much, but that it's Brazilian and rhythm influenced. Saw that movie and totally forgot about the knife.