Spyderco Collections... Today & Future!

Sep 21, 2006
This is my first post on the Spyderco forum, but I have accumulated a small collection of Spyderco knives. Some have been used more than others but they all have been fantastic knives! More are definately required!

Any suggestions on future must have Spydercos?

I have been looking at either a 4 5/8" Manix standard edge or a Para-Military standard edge.
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I was wondering how the pari compares to the mini. I know that I want a mini, but can't decide about the pari. Don't see how you could improve on the military.
I was wondering how the pari compares to the mini.

:eek: Time to show my ignorance... "Pari", "Mini", just curious what models you are meaning. I am assuming:
..Pari = Para-Military
..Mini = ?? (really, no idea!) :confused:

As shown in the pick, I have a Spyderfly, Persian folder (4 3/4"), Native (S30V), Salt I, and a Harpy. But, I am unsure which to get next and so was wondering what are the MUST HAVE Spyderco's! :D
If you are speaking of the Paramilitary and the Mini-Manix, the Para is a lot lighter, which makes it more likely to be found in my pocket. The Mini is a tank of a knife, definitely the one to pick if you want one knife to take anything you throw at it and don't mind the extra weight.

The Para is also narrower when closed, which makes it a bit easier to get past if you need to fish something out of the bottom of the pocket you have it clipped to.

Great Spydies so far.

Some good future ones may be: Military, Manix or Mini-Manix (both are tanks), and an Endura 4 (best Endura todate, IMHO)
Thanks. :D

How does the Native (4", S30V, FRN) stand up to a Paramilitary (4-3/4", S30V, G10) or a Mini-Manix (4-5/8", S30V, G10). I now the native is a tad smaller and does not have the G10 handle, but it has been a great knife for me! I have had it for a year, no sharpening, and it is still very sharp!
something big........ Mini-Manix
something small..... Cricket S/S
something cool...... Waved Endura 4

Enjoy the collecting, it's addictive!