Spyderco Delica review- - - as requested

Jan 29, 2001
Well after I got help from everyone (thanks BTW!) on figuring out what folder to get, some of you asked me to post my thoughts on it so here goes:


That's the condensed review ;)

I'm a pretty picky person so the minute the knife came i inspected the thing all over. I've read a bunch of posts on here about knives having minor flaws from the factory, so it almost seems that this is the rule rather than the exception. Well, here's the exception because I can't find a single flaw on the entire knife. The blade is perfectly centered, flicks out fast, no wobble at any point of the rotation, and once it's out, the lock works perfectly. I tried pressing and striking the spine and the blade wouldn't go back in.

The blade is easy to flick out. It's easilly faster to deploy than a switchblade.

Straight from the factory, the blade is sharp as hell. It won't quite cut the silk handkerchief dropped on the edge (which is the test that my katana passed with flying colors) but then if it was THAT sharp it'd be a bit dangerous considering how it's held.

I got the combo serrated/plain blade. Before you start telling me how i should have gotten the all plain blade, remember that I bought this thing for self defense. The serrations, especially the ones on the spyderco knives (the Spyder Edge), look mean as hell, which only adds to the image I'm going for on a defense knife. Were this a utility knife, I'd get the plain edge.

Everything on this knife- - the clip, the release, the huge hole - - is exactly where it ought to be. It's a very well designed knife, and even though I tried very hard, I really can't find a single thing to complain about.

It's been my "left hand" knife for almost 10 years. One of my favorite all time Spydies.

If it's your defensive blade, did you get the training drone as well? A perfect set-up for you.

Thanks for posting the review. I'm glad you're happy with the Delica!

--Bob Q
I miss my Delica
I'm willing to bet this won't be your last Spydie. Glad you like it and have fun.

I'm willing to bet it won't be my last either ;) The more I mess with it the more I like it. It's pretty rare to find really well made stuff today, so when I do I tend to stick with that brand (See Western Digital, Honda, Technics, Porterfield, and the latest, Spyderco ;)

as for the training blade, we have 'em at the dojo. There's one that's a single edged that's the same size as the spyderco. It doesn't fold out, but it'd be hard to get a rubberized blade to fold out right. Since we have 'em there and since I wanna spend a lot of money on new sparring gear and a DVD-rom drive, I opted not to buy a training blade at this time.