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Spyderco Dodo


Oct 6, 2006
There's a store by my house selling these for 79$. both black and blue handles. I was looking on ebay for a Spyderco C55 Terzuola and I saw the Dodo for 150$ and it said discontinued ''rare''. I'm not really into the Dodo blade shape,obviously cuz I'm looking for a Terzuola, but thats a good deal. But are they discontinued,and are they worth that much? If so I should snatch a few up right?
That's a good price. I got mine online for about 70 right after being discontinued, so 80 in a brick and mortar is very nice. The dodo is one of the best Spyderco's ever made...large cult following. If you want to resell, I think the Blue is more desireable, although I find black more attractive.
If you can get it in PE at in a brick and mortar for $79 it is a very good deal. I would get at least two, but I love this knife.
They sold online for about $60 to $80 before they were discontinued. A price of $150 on ebay seems really high to me even with them being discontinued.
If you like the way it fits your hand, buy it. It's an awesome knife.
took me a while to find a Blue PE dodo online. Everyone SAID they had them in stock, but when i actualy orderd one i found out that wasnt the case.
I had a little trouble finding one when I started looking last spring, but I did find one. I have used the dickens out of it since then. If you know where you can get one for under $80, I'd say buy it.
Seems like a good price.

I really like my plain edged one.

Don't know if I'd like the serrated version, though. The plain curvy blade with a medium stone sharpening seems to cut great enough.