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Spyderco Dragonfly

OK, I know this isn't as exciting as a Sebenza or Hobbit or even the mini-Dyad, but is there any else out there that likes this little folder from Spyderco?

Of the small folders I own this one seems to end up in my pocket twice as often as the others, even my BM Pardue "Gent's". I'm afraid I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to knives so it's hard for me to describe exactly why I like it so much, but here goes (forgive my ignorance!):

1) The knife weighs next to nothing.
2) The AUS-8 steel in combination with the thin grind of the knife somehow make it seem sharper than even my ATS-34 knives and after a month of heavy use (well, lots of cardboard and some rope) it still shaves arm hair.
3) The shape of the blade and handle allow for many different holds all of which are very secure and easy to control.
4) Very solid little knife, no blade wobble at all.
5) The action is smoother than any other Zytel folder I've seen, and finally
6) at $30 I'm not afraid to really use it...

Am I alone on this one?


I think it is a very nice knife, I am planning on purchasing one and combining it with a Photon MicroLight II on my keys....
Ditto on nice little knife. And the stainless version is a nice dress up knife too. It's about as small as a folder can be and still be a fast one-hand thumb opener. It's a little small for slicing bagels, but it's really all the blade you need for opening boxes and such.


I have the SS dragonfly with the ATS-55 plain blade and carry it with me everywhere I go. It is the perfect size for carrying around in the office. Its large enough for everyday type cutting yet not so large, that people get stunned. It has a very classy look that matches the office environment. I'm glad someone finally posted about the Dragonfly. I have hardly heard or seen any reviews or comments about them.

I had the carbon fibre handled version as my "suit knife" for carry at work and it was great for envelopes and boxes.

As i have previously moaned on the "other forum" security at Gatwick Airport took it off me as being "really nasty" and i never saw it again (I hope the thieving b*****d cuts his vital bits off with it by accident)

I now carry the micarta handled Calypso Jnr as my suit knife and it is even better than the Dragonfly although larger.
These are great little knives. They have flat grind blades that are large in proportion to the handle.
Mine is stainless steel, and the clip has been removed. I love it !
I have a steel handle Dragonfly and it is by far my favorite Spyderco. The fat blade and well-designed handle make it cut like a bigger knife. Plus, it's real cool looking. My only complaint is the tip-up clip. But nowadays, everybody's doing tip-ups (d****d if I know why).


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