Spyderco Flat Iron Folder - anyone heard of it?


Oct 6, 1998
Got an IronStone catalog in the mail and on page 2 is a picture of a nice knife, similar to the full-sized Rescue, but with a point and wide blade.

However, I can find this knife NOWHERE in either Spyderco's online literature or on any of the knife sites I frequent. It lists retail for $46.95 What's the deal on this model?
Hi Kysa - The Flat Iron folder is a knife that Spyderco exclusively makes for Ironstone, and is not a part of Spyderco's regular line. Ironstone also sells other exclusives like the sheepsfoot bladed Remote Release and Snap It models, and the aluminum handle version of the C37 Walker. Bottom line - if you want it - Ironstone is the only place to get it!

Dexter Ewing
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