Spyderco loose clip

About 6 months ago I bought a "Standard" spyderco when Smokey Mountain Knife had that sale.. Got it and began to use it .. NOT sharp out of the box.. then on two or three occasions I noticed the clip screws were loose... so with a fine phillips I tightened them.. noticing the "right" screw never tightened... Screw threads were ok so there must be a problem in the threading of the scale or liner. I've used "loctite" on the screws but that right one still works loose -
anyone else experience this ? any suggestons? I have e-mailed Spyderco's customer service about the problem - I'm waiting to hear back

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Jan 31, 2000
You should send it back to Spyderco for warranty work. They have an excellent service dept. The other option would be to weld the clip to the handle.

(just kidding) Spyderco should take of it.
If its a steel handle, you'll have to send it back. If its a composite handle, try filling the screw holes with 2 ton epoxy and screwing the clip back on (before the epoxy sets
) then give it a day or 2 to harden.
I had a similar problem with the single screw clip thats on the delica 98. The mortise around the base of the clip chipped out and let it wobble. I sanded all the paint off the clip and got it good and clean, then filled the slot with epoxy and screwed it all back together. The clip is tighter than ever now.

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