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SPYDERCO Michael Walker Lt. Wt. -- Opinions?

Jul 22, 2000
I'm looking to buy a small Spydie folder. I like the Michael Walker Lt. Wt. since it has a good-looking blade geometry, and a liner-lock. I was surprised to see it could be had for between $40 to 50. A bonus!

Anyone out there have any experience with the Walker Lt. Wt.? Is the liner-lock secure and how many liners are there? Are the FRN (fiber reinforced nylon) scales up to trademark Zytel quality? Is it flimsy, or as sturdy as a Calypso Jr.?

Thanking you in advance for your opinions, and advice.

-- FTC
I like the Walker a lot,it is a very light knife (much lighter than the Calypso Jnr which i also have) and seems pretty sturdy,I have not subjected it to any real abuse to see how strong it really is though.
Anything by Spyderco is first rate.
All the Walker lwts. I have seen have been solid.

I love spyderco, but, I had a walker and the liner lock moved all the way to the right.

In general, I'm a fan of Spyderco liner-locks -- own a small Centofante, Wegner Jr., liteweight Cricket, aluminum Cricket, and an Almite Walker (with a Military soon to come, and no doubt a Viele is in my future as well, now that the blade's VG10).

However, I have to say that I was not impressed with the feel of the liteweight Walker. Purely a subjective thing, since all I did was open and close it a few times in the store. But, enough that I didn't buy one.

To answer your other questions, single liner (that's all that's needed), and Spyderco's FRN is as good as any trademarked brand (and might even be).


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I bought my first Spydie a Walker lt/wt at the first knife show I went to in '98, I handled every knife on Spyderco's table, but I bought the Walker (and a "Q" with New York cutout for my wife). It was just the size I wanted, I liked the blade shape, and being a liner lock was the deciding factor. I carried it everyday for 2 years and then I got tired of the serrations and I wanted to try another knife, so I bought a CRKT/KFF, nice knife great price, but I kept coming back to the Walker. I just ordered another Walker with a plain edge, and the KFF will get a rest for a while. The serrated Walker will go to a friend, the knife is still solid, the liner lock hasn't moved across and this knife has been used and flicked a lot.

I really don't think you can go wrong with any Spyderco product it's just a matter of what you like and they have a lot to like.
They're now discontinued I would get one while you still can.

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I had one for awhile, and liked it alot, even though I normally don't go for small knives.
I'm not a big fan of Spyderco's liner locks, but had no problems from the Walker. The handles were surprisingly comfortable for a knife this small. Really liked the blade, and the overall "look" of the knife.
Never used it on any major cutting, mostly threads, opening packages, mail, and slicing the occasional rope.
Mine was lost, presumably when I bumped into something somewhere along the way. Had a knife, looked down awhile later...no knife.
The clip is the only reason I didn't buy another one. Got a Dragonfly (SS/ATS-55) to replace it. Have to say that I like the Dragonfly more. Both are great little knives, IMO.