Spyderco Micheal Walker


Oct 1, 2000
I've been eying the Spyderco Walker with plain edge for a while. Any comments on this one? How is the heat treat on the A-8 ? overall quality seems to be good at spyderco in general...

Had one for awhile and its a nice little knife. Its made for light use as the locking tab is only fitted into the zytel handle because the scales are not lined. Found it was to small and light so sold it to my daughters boyfriend and he continued to carry it till he got the micro tech bug.
If you're looking for a mid-sized, easy-to-carry, Spyderco, consider the Native Light Weigth as an alternative to the Walker Light Weight.

You can find them for about the same price, but you are going to get a knife with a loyal following that's outfitted with a CPM-440V blade (make sure it's the newer version).

Even though it's a lockback, one handed opening AND one handed closing closing is a snap. Looks great too...

I already got the native in 440V
but thanks anyway...