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Spyderco Milie Carbon Fiber worth the Extra Cash?

Aug 29, 2006
I'm debating whether to purchase a millie in G10 or CF scales, the CF version costs about $50 more than the G10, does it worth the extra cash?
Does spyderco make the G10 with BG-42 Steel? i would like to try it, i have a sebenza with S30V but people keep saying that BG-42 is easier to sharp and better edge retention.
BTW this will be my first spyderco. I do carry sebenzas regularly, and want to try something else. But i do believe the milie will live up to my expectations :)
It is worth every cent you pay. For 50 bucks more you will get enhance millie which have CF scale with stianless nested liner. That add strength to the knife. With bronze ring, you will get smooth as silk open. I personally prefer BG42 over S30 V.

Go for that!
If you want a Military in BG-42, then I believe the CF version is your only option. I don't think there are any plans for a G-10/BG-42 one.

FWIW, the latest G-10 Military incorporates all the changes that first showed up on the CF/BG-42 version, and ALL Milies have nested liners, so those enhancements are not a logical reason to choose one handle material over the other.

In my opinion, when used in a knife, and when all other factors are equal, the CF -vs- G-10 question is strictly a matter of looks and "cool factor". The savings in weight and the increase in rigidity may be worth the extra money in a race car chassis or and aircraft frame, but to claim those as "reasons" for using it on a knife is silly. They are really just excuses and rationalizations, used to make a totally esthetic issue appear logical. On my scale, an older G-10/440V Military and a CF/S30V one both weigh exactly the same, 112 grams. The "new and improved" CF/BG-42 one weighs 116 grams, so I imagine the latest G-10/S30V ones would weigh that also, or so very close to it that I really doubt than many, if any, people would notice a weight difference. I doubt anyone would notice the increase rigidity either, at least not in-situ on the knife.

Peel-ply CF does differ from the G-10 used on the Military in one respect that some folks consider an advantage, it has a somewhat rougher texture. The downside of that is the possibility of extra wear and tear on your pocket linings.
Get it, you'll like it.
I know where one was sitting on a shelf a few weeks ago if you are trying to find one. Let me know, I can pass on the info.

If you decide to get a BG-42/CF Military, be sure to check out NGK. Mike seriously over-ordered on them, and has them on sale at a very attractive price.
I used to just carry sebenza's, than I found out about the chinook,Lil Temp,military,manix, that has kinda changed!