Spyderco Military- CPM 440V or ATS-34?

Jun 20, 1999
The Military in ATS-34 and the Military in CPM 440V both cost the same price everywhere I've been. Is one noteceably superior to the other?
The newer version is the CPM440V blade model. Not only does it have a better steel blade, but it also has a number of upgrades showing a vast improvement over the ATS-34 predecessor. Go with the 440V model (3 screw clip)

The new style was made in ATS-34 as well as 440-V. It is now only being made in 440-V. Both steels would make excellent knives if you get the new style. Many improvements. However, the 440-V is supposed to be slightly better than 440-V in several areas.


Hey Soloman!
Wise choice! I have the Military in 440v and this steel takes a SCARY sharp edge! At first I was a little apprehensive about the thinness of the linerlock until I went out and beat the snot out of it on my workbench. It never failed. I'm impressed with the outstanding quality of this peice and I hope that you will be too.
See Ya!
Are you going to get plain or serrated?



I am probably going to get serrated unless somebody can convince me otherwise.

CPM440V is one workhorse of a steel, and complements the Military design perfectly. It'll take anything you can throw in its path and hold its edge for a long time. 'Nuff said

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Hi Solomon,
I have a tough time debating on whether the serrated or plain edge is best. They both cut and cut and cut, but I think the plain is better cause(besides being scary sharp) it makes a great all around knife, and 440V can make sharpening serrations a pain. For Daily work use though, those serrations can cut through alot easier than the plain edge. Take a 20 pound bag of kitty litter and try slashing it with a sharp plain edge then try it with a sharp spyder type serrated knife. The serrated proved the deepest cut and least effort. I hope I helped.

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