Spyderco Moran Featherweight

Feb 9, 1999
Does anyone know if this knife was taken out of production? I think its a great little knife. Has anyone tested it for awhile? Would like to get some opinions...What happened to this site? OVERLOAD OR RECYCLE ? Thanks in advance.

Hey Bartman,
James Mattis would know! Check out his website (nice place)
Oh yea, what happened to the forums??
The Moran has not been taken out of production. It is available now at lower priced than it has been previously, or, according to Sal Glesser's posts, will be again. I would advise to pick one up while you can.

There has been alot of testing and review of this knife, most recently by French knifemaker Fred Perrin. Browse or Search the Knife Reviews forum and you will likely find plenty of info on the Moran.

For more info on the Moran, I refer you to Bald1 (Bob), who is our resident expert.

Hope this helps,


Clay Fleischer

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After you do the searches as recommended by Clay, if you have any questions remaining that have not be answered, I'd be glad to give them a shot.


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