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Spyderco Moran Question


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Oct 14, 1998
Contemplating getting one. I would probably do house carry only and unleash it on boxes and paper.

My question is, Can it chop? I'm not the best sharpener so is it low maintenance as well?

Hi Smoke,
I just recently got a Spyderco Moran. It is an awesome knife!!!! I haven't tried it yet, but at the price I found it for (Little River), I just had to purchase one.
It makes short work of paper and that edge is super sharp.
The little Moran is a great bargain, at the prices that its at now due to whatever invetory reduction Spyderco is up to, get one before they go back up. Its a very handy little fixed blade.
Little being the operative word, its not big enough to be a real 'chopper'. However, we have been testing one at the hunting camp this season, and for its intended purpose[skinning] its great! The small upswept blade isn't too pointy, as to cause problems, and the blade has plenty of belly. Also, we have been using it mainly for food prep in the kitchen at the club house, and its been a HIT with everyone using it, especially A. Lombardo, who is taking the unwanted position of camp cook. It holds and edge VERY well, and resharpened easily enough on a spyderco triangle sharpmaker, only needing a couple of passes on the 'fine' rods to bring the edge back.

I'm getting another one to leave in the Kitchen at home. Give it a try, use it for suitable purposes, and you'll be very happy you got one.

Best Regards and Happy Holidays,

Will Fennell/EDI Knives
Little River, hmm, yes. I'll look them up.

I'm curious as to whether it can stab as well.
I'm still in the tactical mind when it comes to this knife.
I would hate to get a glorified fillet knife.

Oh I expect Bob AKA "Bald1" will be here in a few minutes and give you all the info you need on not only the Moran but the accessories you can get for it. I love this knife and think the ergonomics are great.

OK Bob....we're waiting.....

Greg Mete
Kodiak Alaska
Smoke (you too Greg

Will has said what needs to be said. It is a damn fine cutter for skinning, utility and kitchen duties. The handle is deceiving to look at...great ergonomics. And yes, right now it is a steal! I'm not sure what the future production and availability issues are with Spyderco. Several months ago they told Frank Norman that it didn't "fit in" with their regular line. We've all seen the MSRP drop significantly. Originally I feel it was way overpriced. Now, bought from Frank at Little River, James at Chai, or Bruce at Bullman... it's a tremendous bargain. My son has one, and I have two...a user and a spare in my safe!

Smoke, this is no fillet knife. For what it's worth a friend, who is a firearms instructor and LEO checked mine out and bought one to carry on the job. He finds the blade geometry and the slick way he can transition the knife from hammer to reverse grips to be outstanding. It is unobtrusive, relatively small (3.5" balde, 8" OAL) yet his use is strictly tactical on the job...it can slice a perp in a heart beat and although not a dagger, do a passable job in the penetration department.

The leather sheath is neat but a good kydex or concealex is the way to go. Check Scott Evan's Edge-Works site. The "father & son" sheaths he and his gang made for my son and me are absolutely fantastic. I have exhaustive reviews of the Spydie Moran and these sheaths on both knife forums...just dial your viewer back to June-July to read/see them. Apparently others agree as Scott has been cranking a lot of them out! By the way, some of the dealers are now stocking the Edge-Works sheaths to sell with the Moran. I know James Mattis has 4 sheaths in stock as I type this.

BTW if you want a real "chopper", check out the Himilayan Imports Ang Khola 15" khuhuri. That puppy will chop better than any bowie, bolo, machette or camp ax you can get.

Hope this helps!


Bald is beautiful! Rub a dome for luck today!

[This message has been edited by bald1 (edited 16 December 1998).]
I just got a handfull of Edge Works' "slip sheath" for the FB1. Nice. It's a versatile carrying system, depending on how many ways you can figure out to tie that paracord through and around the three holes in the sheath. The sheath is ambidextrous, and has a firm shelf for the thumb to push on when withdrawing the knife. I'd sand one corner just a little.

There's an extra bulge in the sheath, at the choil, that seems to cure the problem that Spyderco's Dozier design kydex sheath had, that the blade had to be lined up "just so" to go into the sheath and not try to bite it.

There's a belt sheath coming shortly.

Between the Spyderco-Moran knife and the Edge-Pro sheath system, we now have a first-rate lightweight fixed blade and carrying system for a few bucks over or under $100.


The moran is a good little knife I got one from little river to but I need a new sheath
I think?????Anyone know a price on a kydex
Try little river they always answer all your questions too and great service........
One little silly question:

Is the cutout in the choil big enough to rest your index finger on without getting yourself cut? I have pretty large hands.

Tea drinker and hellraiser from Northern Sweden, above the arctic circle.

The choil on my Moran measures about 7/16 of an inch with some additional space as it tapers to the edge. After you posted your question I started to play with my Moran to see if I could use the choil for fine work and the answer is yes it's OK but the beauty of this knife is in the grip. The ergonomics are so good that the fiberglass-reinforced handle can be held in a variety of ways with a secured feeling even with larger hands, so to answer your question: you don't need to grasp the choil for fine work, you can utilize the different areas of the scales to achieve your goal IMHO.

I hope this helps.

Greg Mete
Kodiak Alaska
I guess one could say that I've been putting my money where my mouth is. I've ordered my fourth Spydie Moran. My active duty military son has one, I carry one, one is in my kitchen, and the fourth will probably go to my second son as I'm sure he'll want it removed from the safe where it was to be stored as a spare. Oh well... maybe I'll need a fifth <grin>!


Bald is beautiful! Rub a dome for luck today!

OK Bob....that does it, now I am going to have to order at least one more Moran. Remind me to show you my sheath design, for concealed duty carry, that I have come up with for this little gem. An associate of mine, the term operator always comes to mind, has forsaken the folding knife for a Moran. He requires a quick and efficient knife and believes the Moran is it.

Next trip across the water, the Moran will allow me to carry it as...a kitchen knife, yeah, that's it, a kitchen knife. But this is only because in some countries, when they say "NO carry of Firearms" they actually mean it.

Any chance of a picture or description of your sheath? Sounds interesting, especially for those of us who can't afford to let on we're carrying a knife.

Take care,

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