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Spyderco Moran Revisited


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Oct 14, 1998
Got the Spyderco Moran, a gift from my parents and this is where I say thanks to Chris Hannon for great service. Thanks, Chris.

To be frank, the knife handle looked bigger in width on the net. The blade point is needle sharp and like Fred Perrin said the butt end is pointy enough to ding a person but not kill them.

The knife cuts superbly in push cuts or draw cuts though it tends to slow on push cuts in anything harder than paper. I normally don't buy mirror finish knives but it makes no difference with this knife. Fighting wise, this isn't a hardcore fighter. I call it a street scalpel, whose strength is long, drawing cuts. It isn't a chopper but has the makings of a decent neck knife or shoulder rig knife.

The handle well, again it's thinner than I thought. It gives adequate protection for the index finger and thumb, more on the index finger. I would prefer a deeper single finger groove though and more importantly, a handle that's an 1"-1 1/2" longer. I think it would give a better grip. I also like a more prominent pommel.

I have the old style leather sheath and it's huge compared to the knife itself. I'm still experimenting w/ carry but have taken Fred Perrin's and Dexter Ewing's suggestion of an IWB carry. Resheathing is a two handed

This should be the spot where Bald1 and others should be laughing as I started a thread on buying the Moran almost a year ago. I'm glad the price was reduced even though the knife is good, I don't believe it justifies a 3 figure price.


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