Spyderco Mouse/ SOG Sculptura

May 11, 2002
Just picked up a new spyderco mouse for 39.95 and a SOG Sculptura for 24.99 on ebay today....I had to share since I'm happy as a clam right now!! :D
Any thoughts on these knives? lets hear it!
Anyone wanting a mouse better hurry, this guy is selling all his stock and they have been going for around $40 in the dutch auctions. do a search for spyderco mouse on ebay and you'll see him.
You got ONE HELL of a DEAL! BOTH are
EXCELLENT blades. I'm a bit "prejudiced" towards the mouse, as Spydies are my proverbial poison.
Perchance, if I can EVER get out of my "Spydie deficit";) I'll pay FULL PRICE for a mouse. Nice "toy"
Get ready for the "product improved"
mouse II!

Yeah I saw something on the Mouse II.., sounds very cool! And yes.., you got a great deal Sticky.., nice little knives!

"Hunters seek what they [WANT].., Seekers hunt what they [NEED]"
Great deal on the mouse. I am also excited about the Mouse II. It is not being made by Spyderco so it uses a teardrop hole instead of a round one. S30V steel and g-10 or carbon fiber. The Mouse II should debut at SHOT.