Spyderco Native Revisited


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Oct 14, 1998
Also known as the Delica's evil twin. The Spyderco Native sports similar specs of 7" OA length and 3" blade. This is a plain Zytel 440V model, also available in Gin 1, which is just as good.

This is the companion to my plain stainless AUS 6 Delica. The Zytel is thick, 1/2" thick and is tip up with an angled clip. Closed, it's really small in comparison to the Delica, compact and boxlike.

Once open well, this thing is quite amazing. The zytel finger groove is big enough for a gloved hand. The lock bar is equally as large while the Volcano Grip texture is more like on the CS Voyager line. The clip is indented in the middle like the Gunting.

The lower part of the blade and the top of zytel ramp forms another finger groove with a choil with matching filework for the thumb. Interestingly, the Spyderhole is the same size for the Native and Delica but accessing the hole is easier on the latter. The Native gives the opportunity to choke up for closer work. The handle is more condusive to ice pick grip with edge in or out and for bigger hands in general.

The action is really loose, the pins are off a bit but there is no blade play yet, hopefully never. No inertia openings for this knife either.

Then there's that little swedge that's a possibility for you backcut freaks. It's spearpoint blade offers a bit more alignment on a thrust. The Native also is easier to use as a fistload. Overall, I think the Native is more the fighter of the two. However, each is a good choice as a back up to each other or a larger knife. I also think it's a good "transition" knife for Tekna dagger and Cold Steel fans. As well as a good back up for Gunting and Starmate owners.

Observations, people want/wanted a bigger Native to come out, the Chief. I now understand why, even though it's a full 7", it just looks small. G-10 really is a better material for this knife, just a bit better than stainless steel and almite in terms of grip. Overall a real good knife but c'mon Spyderco, make the Chief.

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The Native is as close to perfect (for me) as I've found. A bigger model would be interesting. So would a flat ground blade. G-10 would make it stronger, but heavier. IMO, it's fine the way it is.



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The native is my daily carry. nuff said.

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I carry mine daily. Got a drawer of knives to pick from, but I always come back to my Native. Plus, if I lose it, it's cheap and easy to replace. I don't know of a better knife for general purpose.
I don't see anything that should be changed in the Native. The Zytel handle is perfect, IMO, but the G-10 handle in the BF Native is also very sturdy and a welcome option. I figure the Sprint-run Native with its black G-10 handle and shell-inlay should feel similarly. Blade is perfect the way it is, and I would never want the Native to switch to flat-ground blade (don't see the purpose, and the design would be wicked ugly). One of my favorite features is the extra finger-coil right below the blade and above the handle. My only disappointment is that recently the tip broke from my Zytel version, so now I have to figure out how to reprofile it. Still, it's true what you guys said...it's a great replacement value knife. You can get it very cheap yet it feels like a much more expensive quality knife. You just can't go wrong with this awesome design!

A Native is one of my regular pocket knives too. But the bottom profile of the handle design is just wrong. The finger ridge ends up right in the middle of my middle finger. Irritating. The finger dips are too small for two fingers, too big for one finger. So why is it still one of my regular carries? I have a G-10 version and I filed down the peak in the bottom of the handle. It looks more like a Calypso Jr. handle now. Quite comfy.
Thanks for your opinions on the Native. I have been curious about this model for some time now.
I own a Native since a couple of years. It is very easy to open AND close with one hand without risking to cut your fingers.
This is one of the few lockback knives I've tried which can be closed with only one hand.
It is very convenient to use, and I just wish they made it a little bigger, say 9cm instead of 8cm blade
I totally agree with what Steve Harvey said. It's a great knife, but I just couldn't make the handle work for me.

Eventually, I also filed down that ridge, turning it into a little hump. The handle is much more comfortable now.


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Hi, guys.

I've got a Native and I have the same problem with the handle. Could you go into more detail about exactly where you filed down the handle? It seems to me that the best place to modify it would be the part of the handle right before the blade choil. If you have any pics of the finished knife, I would love to see them!!