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Spyderco Native

Dec 18, 1998
I remember reading a post a week ago regarding the possibility of a Native with colored micarta scales. This idea is great. I bought a Native a few months ago and believe that you can't get a better knife for the price. Also the design is just excellent and really cool.

I would love a micarta Native perhaps with burgundy scales (does SPyderco have this micarta in stock?). The micarta Native would seem to be a desirable model. What does everyone think? Sal?
Ronald - Haven't thought about micarta for a Native at this time. Model is currently available in Glass reinforced nylon and stainless steel. Are working on some protos in G10 both larger and smaller. Opinions? Colors? Tip up / tip down?
Sal, a G-10 Native would be beautiful just as well. How about something other than black? When I was at the NY Custom show in Nov, I saw the British gentleman's work, Farrid. He had some knives with green G-10. The texture and hue was very attractive. Also, on Triple Aught Design's page, there is a picture of a Benchmade Mini Stryker with custom burgundy scales as opposed to the black. It too was also pleasing to the eye. One last example...when I bought my Terzuola ATCF a few years ago at the NY Custom Show, I opted for the Burgundy micarta scales over the modles with the Black G-10, Black Micarta, and the Ebony handle scales.

Mellow, earthy colors seem to be very pleasant for handle scales and a nice alternative to the over abundant black (although black is still very nice). G-10 and micarta also seem to maintain a beautiful grain or texture when they are dyed in various colors. I know nothing about the availability of these materials, but they are attractive and hopegully in demand.

Also, I am partial to tip up carry. But I am used to both by now. What do think Sal, colored G-10 Scales?

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Ronald - I like colors, especially soft or earth colors (I don't think I would personally carry a very loud or attention getting color [eg; red, purple, yellow.)

We showed a blue G10 Dyad at the SHOT show last year and everyone said, "You're not going to use blue are you?, make mine black!
I'm up for trying. G10 is available in black, blue and natural (light green) but can also be dyed. Sounds like a funh challenge for R&D. I'll plan on bring some protos to the Blade Show. Perhaps if/when a forum is set up, we could have an R&D section where we showed drawings or photos of protos for opinion?
Sal, What is the percentage of police/military at the Shot Show? I was wondering because they would obviously want/need black for their handle scales.

I, on the other hand am a civilian with no real apparent need to own only black knives (although they are still very cool). ANd maybe I am not alone on this... do you know the breakdown of military/police customers vs. civilian customers? I'm trying to calculate: Do you think it is worth it to produce colored handles for the predominately civilian/collector group with probably minor purchase input from police/military? And is this actually an issue?

On a different note, I think a blue G-10 Dyad is really cool. In fact, I've been debating for a month or two on whether I should purchase a Dyad or not. Instead I bought the Carbon fiber Dragonfly and the Native ltwght. But you know, if I saw a blue Dyad, I would've bought one right away- It's cool, futuristic, progressive, and pleasing to the eye.

The natural (light green) G-10 is also very nice. This is the one I saw on Farrid's knives. Why not try it out? Tactical black can only go so far...
Ronald - One of the Q's regarding Clipit users is not so much the handle as the "hump". "Sometimes you feel like a hump, sometimes you don't". Although the Native design is modern in it's directional texture and reversible left/right clip, it is actually retro in that it is "humpless". Early Clipits all had "humps" over the holes. This served as a substantial thumbrest and kept the hand from sliding forward onto the blade. Early reaction to the appearance of the hump was poor. The humpless Clipits started with Wayne Goddards model. Wayne was (as most custom makers do) tryng to eliminate the hump partially because they felt it was ugly and partially because they wanted a more conventionally appearing knife. If you will look at our collaboration pieces. with the exception of the Khalsa (which used the hump as a top guard), most of the custom designers have eliminated or subdued the hump in favor of a more pleasing appearance. We have found that experienced (knife) law enforcment personnel generally prefer the hump, despite the appearance, probably for safety, rather than appearance reasons.

I don't have facts, but I would guess the attendance of Military, law enforcement personnel at the SHOT show to be in the 20 - 25% range. Just a guess.
Maybe the new larger version of the Dyad could have blue G10 ? That would be very nice IMHO, course, I'm a sucker for any knife with a blue handle

I would purchase various colored handle knives, hope I'm not the only one out there !
Sal -

Just wanted to add my $.02.

I've used a Native as my daily carry for several months now, and find that the knife has become my favorite working blade. The handle shape and choil just fall very well to my hand. The only suggestion I would have would be to modify the handle so that the clip could be positioned for tip-up or tip-down carry, as preferred by the user. My Native is my only tip-up knife, and I really prefer the tip-down carry for safety reasons.

As to color, I'm like Henry Ford - any color as long as it's black.

Tony - thanx for the input. Tip down reversible carry is a very difficult engineering problem. Especially in an injection molded plastic handle. Attaching clips to piot pins is easier on a "collector" type non using design, but the clip and the pivot have entirely different dynamics and the one, in the long run, often affects the performance of the other. Fastening clips to the scale require some type of backing or a very thick scale (to support the clip screws). Often times the backing method becomes expensive which defeats the purpose of the injection molded handle. knife design has its challenges. Like automobile design or yacht design, one is faced with a collection of compromises between mobility, performance and ergonomics.

I like my Native. I prefer the tip up because
I work outside and with the tip down I sometimes get crud in the lock. I have had problems with a couple of Benchmades because of the crud factor.The beauty of a one handed knife is to whip it out and use it. Having the lock inside your pocket keeps it clean.
I wish my Native had a black clip.


Sal just purchased a C16 litewt. Goddard. Very excellant knife with superb ergonomics.
The blade is probably one of the more useful styles I have found. Have had an Endura for years and a CS lg. clip point Voyager that the C16 has replaced. I can't believe how nice this knife is to carry. Very slim profile, superb lockup and the edge with the ATS 55 is sharp! The price can't be beat either. Now if I could only locate a Lum chopper. You guys keep up the good work.
You make superb working tools. thanks and keep'em sharp.
My understanding is that the stainless scale version only comes in combo edge. Is that true? I'd like one, but don't care for serrations.
I am with James. Flat ground and swedgeless (there's a word you don't hear everyday -- "swedgeless") is the way to go.

Was the blue Dyad the full-size version? Any chance of a mini in other colours?



Clay Fleischer

"10,000 Lemmings Can't Be Wrong!"
Clay - probably should be a diffent thread (dyad vs Native) on the Spyderco forum...but. The blue G-10 version that we showed at SHOT '98 was a full sized piece. The '99 SHOT Show will have a large Dyad lockback with bead blasted black linen micarta scales. The Dyad jr. (formally mini Dyad) will be coming our in Zytel (no clip) this year. a good response will probably cause us to try a color or two. like a two bladed ladybug. Colors in the large Dyad will depend on requests for same.