Spyderco Native?

Feb 11, 1999
I have looked hard at this knife (on the 'net, only), and think it looks like possibly a good knife. It's purpose would be as a semi-pocketable (or clipped IWB) general utility. Plain blade.

Thanks for any info.

Outlaw. The Native is a great little knife, use to have one, left it out on my car roof and disappeared
...The only complaint I had was the blade lock. I like a liner lock..Guess cause most of my knives are liner locks,use to it. Picked up the Spydie Walker to replace it.(gin1 vrs aus8) Its very close to the Native, but the complaint I have with the Walker is the clip.. Not reverseable and plastic. The lockback is probably stronger too? There is also a aluminum Walker available for about $20 more.. Can't go wrong with a Spydie
I picked up my first Native last week and I've been very pleased with it. Chances are the Goddard lightweight will stay in my pocket, but the Native would be a nice knife to carry around. It's sturdy, the lock is strong, and it's very sharp.

In short, it's inexpensive, relatively small, but not too much so, and good quality.
I was in Vegas last week and I chose the Native as my carry for the week. I liked its lightweight and ease of carry. Since I had to walk through casinos and all, I didn't want a big knife and I didn't want to use the pocket clip. It worked out well. Carrying it freely in my pocket you couldn't even notice it.

The knife is sharp, light, strong enough for most daily tasks and certainly worth the money.

Did I use it? Yep, I found it exceptional for cutting off all of the those annoying store tags when I went shopping. I also liked knowing it was there in case I needed it.

You can't go wrong with a Native! Especially a Blade Forums one


Could someone please post how to go about reserving one of the Bladeforums Spyderco Natives? I received the email message about it, but didn't know about the Native at the time. I deleted the message without looking more into it. Yeah, I know, stupid.

Thanks for any help.