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Jan 31, 2000
I really like the looks of this knife and am thinking of getting one. I have read Dexter Ewing and Fred Perrin's reviews (great by the way)and think it would be a great daily knife. Does anyone else have any experience with this knife? Also, does anyone want to trade or sell one (sorry if this is the wrong place for such a request)?

Pretty nice design. One of the better medium sized Spyderco's. It feels bigger than it is. This is due to the handle design and the width of the knife I believe. The Native II in stainless feels even better and uses AUS-10. Spyderco is supposed to be releasing a Native lightweight in 440-V pretty soon. Check on the Spyderco forum for an approximate release date. The neck sheaths that Bladeforums has for the g-10 natives also work on the zytel models. Makes for an excellent neck knife. I highly recommend them.

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i have a LW and one of the G-10, 440V BF natives. i feel that they are great knives. the handle fits my hand great when i use the forward choil and it's a handy size knife to have around. the clip is also reversible from side to side, so the native has nearly always been my lefty knife. soon the LW will have 440V steel. i'm selling my LW right now. email me for more info.
The BF Native is my daily carry. It's a very versatile edge, comfortable to work with, and the 440V just keeps on cuttin'. Get one from the BF store while they still have them.


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I bought a Native and carried it daily for a long time. It is very ergonomic, and the price is very reasonable. I highly recommend it.

I have since replaced it with a BM 705 axis lock, which I like very much, but it costs about twice as much, and the handle is much thicker--some people find it bothersome.
Native is one of my favorites. I intended to wait for lightweight(zytel) 440V Native but bougt first plain edged BF native and soon I was so impressed with that knife that I bought serrated BF Native(I don't like serrated knives).

I'll buy plain ltwt Native and plain Native II when they are available. LTWT for laboratory days and SS for office days.

If I was in your shoes I'd wait until new natives hit stores or If I had one extra 50$ bill lying aroud I'd buy first calypso jr ltwt. If you want cutting power (in this size) buy Calypso jr ltwt as flat grind blade slides through matter easier than natives hollow grinded blade.
The Native is a "best buy" kinda knife.
Few, if any, problems, and many advantages.
I have two and I'm gonna get the 440V version when it comes online.
I LOVE these knives!

BTW, I agree with the above poster who sez try a Calypso lightweight Jr. in VG10. Top shelf knife, but priced cheap.

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Thanks for all of the info gentlemen. I'm gonna have to try one out. Many of you have said wait for the 440V. I believe the current blade is GIN-1. So what's the difference (actual nitty gritty cutting/staying sharp/general performance).

The difference between GIN-1 and CPM 440V is that 440V will hold an edge much longer than GIN-1. GIN-1, however, is good and sharpens very easily.
Must say that I just bought one and I love it so much I'll never be without it (except at school, of course). Great all purpose knife and looks awesome too.
Well, I couldn't wait and I went ahead and got the Native. Got a rookie too
All I can say is this knife is incredible. Fits the hand in a different but logical way and is vewy vewy sharp, huh uh uh uh (my attempt at Elmer Fudd). I was trying to decide which (rookie or native) to carry for a daily work knife, now I carry both. Some choices are better not made.

I'll come out of the closet and admit that these are my first Spyderco knives and they beat out a microtech and some Benchmades as king of my pocket. What a knife, what a price.

I think the rookie is an exceptional knife. I have had very little experience with the Spyderco line, but if this knife is represenative, they are the best buy for the money. The rookie arrived very sharp and after cutting several cardboard boxes, paper, some plastic banding, and other miscellaneous stuff, the blade is still shaving sharp. The G-10 handles are excellent and the blade functions smoothly. I'm not sure why this model was discontinued, but if you can find one I'd recommend it.
I took the plunge, s/b receiving my Rookie in a week or so. I know plain edge is the purist's choice, I'm just not confident in my own sharpening ability, so I went with the serrated. My knives do not see hard use, I'll probably never need to sharpen it.
I have been carrying a Native daily for about 4 months and I cannot recommend it. Please send me your native and I will make sure... oh, never mind. The only problem I have with the Native is the scales wore through my pants pocket. My conclusion is my pants aren't tough enough, but the knife is perfect. It fits the hand, at least mine, perfectly. It's cut everyting from dinner to rope to use as a skinner to packages from Spyderco.
Buy one today.