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Spyderco or Benchmade?


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May 20, 1999
I have a chance to get a Bob Terzuola Spyderco or a Benchamde AFCK for free. Which one would you guys recommend and why?
Do you want a drop-point blade or a clip-point blade? If you want drop-point, get the Terzuola, otherwise the AFCK.

Do you want a handle that's in line with the blade? Terzuola. Do you want a handle that drops a bit below the blade, and has a pronounced built-in guard? AFCK.

Is the Terzuola in question the new Starmate (hollow-ground 440V) or the older model that Spyderco has discontinued? Between the three, my preferences would be (1) new Starmate, (2) AFCK, and (3) older Terzuola. Your preferences may vary.

Shane ... you will also have a collectors piece with the old Terzuola because it is no longer made as well as a tougher blade!

If you decide that you want the AFCK, then you can get the Terzuola and send it to me, and I will order a new AFCK to be sent directly to you.
AFCK's you can get, Bob T's you can't...
I have the new Starmate, very nice! Since I got my first Military, I have sold/traded my AFCKs (ATS-34 and M-2) off. The CPM-440V seems to hold en edge forever, and touches up with a few licks on my Tri-angle.
There's only 2 reasons I can think of to pick the old-style Terzuola over the AFCK. 1. possible collector value, if you're a collector and not a user. 2. You want a smaller handle.

Otherwise, the AFCK has it beat everywhere, in my opinion. Bigger blade with an ACTUAL POINT. Incredible ergonomics. Great performance due to positive included angle. The AFCK is one of the best using knives in the world. If I wasn't a liner lock bigot, I'd own more of 'em!

The Bob T. is a lot more people-friendly (smaller, very blunt), and as folks have pointed out, it's much harder to find. On the other hand, the AFCK is just a fantastic design in a full-size folder. If it were me, I'd choosen the Bob T. to trade but the AFCK to carry.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
For free? Take the Spyderco, I don't think Benchmade has plans to stop producing the AFCK any time soon. I hear a Talonite Axis Lock version is coming out soon

Talonite Axis-Lock knife?! (dirty little rumer
For FREE!!!!! I gotta do some business with your dealer man...

Go with the old Bob Turzuola, it has subtle mititary charm, man!