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Spyderco 'Police' model, any good????

Dec 14, 1999

I'm new to this forum, so excuse any mistakes as to the posting of this email. I've never been that interested in folders until recently, so I've started to pick up a couple. I was just wondering what people thought about the Spyderco 'Police' model????

i.e value for money, quality and in comparison to other knives of similar style.

I have seen the knife for $225, that's Australian Dollar's (cause that's where I live)

spyderco makes good knives. the police was one of their earlier models. it's a good solid knife, but i prefer other models over it. ones that come to mind are the recently discontinued full-size calypso, the big wenger, the military and the starmate. however, availability may be somewhat limited where you are. if you can, try out as many as you can. see how they feel in the hand and in the pocket. if you get the police, it would be a good introduction to folders for you.
You will not go wrong with any Spyderco.While this is a pretty sweeping statement, it is believed by many thousands of Spydie fans!The Police is an excellent model. You can get a similar blade in a less expensive handle with the Endura. If you have a stocking dealer near, handle all the models, and chances are that one particular knife will fall in love with your hand.Good luck!

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I have a Syderco police model, and no longer
carry it.

Mainly, cuz it's too damned heavy, in comparision to my MOD James Horner
knife, or my Elishewitz Stryker.
I've owned one with the stainless steel handle and it's quite nice. I like the large blade but not without the weight panalty. It has no grip when wet but there's a G-10 version as an alternate option. Overall, i say it's alright.
I just recently picked up a G-10 Police Model and the knife, like all Spyderco knives, ROCKS!
It has brought me back to appreciating the venerable lockback folder.
The G-10 handle affords a much better grip than the all steel model, (in my opinion), being a bit thicker and having a grainier texture than is found on the all steel model. This is just a personal preference on my part and the all steel model works and works very well for the thousands who own and swear by them. You'll have to handle both and decide accordingly.
Another thing I love about the G-10 model is the full height flat grind that they now use on the blade. I like the looks and performance I get from a full height flat grind.
One last thing about the G-10 model that I like is the fact that it comes with an adjustable pivot screw. The ability to adjust the tension of the blade is just an outstanding feature to have on a folding knife. Any folding knife that locks, that is.
I hope this helps!

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I too recently purchased a Spyderco POLICE in G-10. I've carried it for about 8 months now and I barely notice it is there. The G-10 handle really reduces weight. I used to carry a mini AFCK until I lost it and both I feel are equally comfortable. I'm going to start carry the AFCK (mini) again b/c the POLICE is a little too big and may be illegal in certain jurisdictions. I plan on buying the black one in ATS-34 or M-2 next. I paid about $100 for the POLICE.
In the store, they also had some 'kiss' knives (I think they were made by Columbia inc, or something like that). Anyone know what they're like????
I have both the stainless and the g10.There nice knives.But I don,t think there nearly as good as my military