Spyderco Police Revisited


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Oct 14, 1998
Just received a plain edge g-10 Police, one of the classic Spyderco designs.
This is my 8th Spyderco to date (3 Enduras, 1 Delica, 1 Navigator, 1 2nd Gen Military, 1 Moran). I've always wanted the Police model since I was younger but price and availability didn't allow it. Okay, the triple screw black C clip is stronger than expected and black g-10 is rounded well
around the edge. Opening action is pretty smooth and location of the lock is pretty good, I don't foresee any accidental openings duirng heavy cutting unlike the Delica but the Delica has a larger Spyderhole. The flat ground blade is thin, I can break the tip easily as the knife is thinner than the Military and Starmate. The end portion of the handle could use a slight finger groove IMO. Cutting wise, the flat grind does have a slight drag to it and the ATS 55 doesn't feel as good the AUS and higher steels Spyderco uses.

I do like the length and lock of this folder for its' simplicity. However, I do think of it like a rapier and for daily carry, I'd go with a Starmate though the Military is tops in ergonomics. I do wish Spyderco's liner locks were most recessed though. I'd carry the Police for general and delicate chores and it makes a good gift for Delica fans who want something bigger or folks who want a no frills large folder. Overall, I'd like to have another liner inside and a thicker blade that is in Gin 1 or higher. To be honest, the AFCK and other newer folders pretty much out class this classic.