Spyderco Police Vs Military


Nov 18, 1998
I have looked at both of these knives and like them both however the budget dictates that I can only buy one. Has anyone had experience with both to be able to give some comparisons. I have read a lot in these forums in praise of the Military but not much on the Police model. Any advice will be much appreciated.
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I have had a Police model with G-10 scales and one in stainless. I also have the new version of the Military.

Either knife would be a good selection. It also depends upon how you will use it.

The blade steel on the new Military is CPM440V which is harder than ATS-55 that my Police w/ G10 scales blade. The blades are different in size and shape. The police blade is smaller and narrower with a straighter edge.

The construction of the Military is much more sturdy than on the Police model. But, the Military is more expensive.

Personally, I like think that the blade composition, size, shape, ergonomics, and overall construction makes the Military the best choice of an all-around knife given the choices you have outlined, for me. The best thing for you to consider is how it is going to be used and how much that you want to spend. Become a "Military Man"!
You will not be disappointed. Handle both knives before choosing-or buy both>


My Police has a stainless handle that feels a little slippery to me. The G-10 scales of the Military afford a much more secure grip. On the flip side, the Military is thicker and doesn't tuck quite as nicely into the back pocket. I prefer the CPM 440-V blade steel of the Military to the GIN-1 of the Police.

Based on Daniels comments above, there is also a G-10 version of the Police that sports an ATS-55 blade. If it's as thin as the stainless Police I have, this would be the better combination.

The knives employ different locking mechanisms, the Police is a frontlock and the Military is a liner lock. Judging from the specimens I have, both lock up tightly and can easily be manipulated with one hand. I suspect that this is a preference thing, but the Military's liner lock feels a little safer in one hand closings.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the comparisons, unfortunately where I live the Military is impossible to get. There is one shop that has a Police with a stainless handle but the price is ridiculous, so I will not have the oportunity to handle both knives. From all I have read on the forums it seems the Military has a huge following and I haven't read anything bad about it, so I will probably go that way. Again thanks for the info.
I don't want to confuse issues more, but the Police os a perrenial classis, it resides in probably thousands of LEO pockets, and is one powerhouse of a knife, and now it come in flat grind too..

For me it is a very easy choice. The Police does not come in 440V at least at the present time. The military does. IMHO 440V is the best stainless rite under 420V which no factory is useing that I am aware of. So the Military wins hands down. The other things I like are it is thin and light weight. The single liner does not bother me in the list. I use mine constantly. So much in fact that I had to send two militarys back for what amounted too a rebuild.


Tom "Militarys Rule!" Carey
I like them both, but I have to say that for a general use utility knife you just can't beat the Military in sheer power and ability.

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