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Spyderco quandry.

Feb 28, 2001
Because I have to pay shipping charges from the US, it is worthwhile me buying at least two blades at a time. Given my current situation (poor student) I am able to afford two spydercos to add to my little Ladybug and Sharpmaker.

Both will need to stand up to field use (ie military) and I am thinking that one serrated and one plain edge would be a good idea.

I like the look of the Native and Delica in FRN plainedge and possibly the Merlin in Spyderedge. Is the merlin suitable for general use or is it very specialised? How would the flat ground calypso jr. compare to the delica and native? Am I missing an obvious choice?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

So you want it for military (or military style) use? Did you take a look at the (drum roll please) Military? Lol, sorry, sometimes the sarcasm gets the better of me.

A nice big, strong folder, available in plain or serrated edges....


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Hmm, I suppose I set myself up for that.

In answer, I don't want them for combat duties, more for utility use. Plus the fact that at twice the price, the military is is a little expensive to drop in the mud and lose during a crash move.

Hi Andy.

How about shopping in europe?
I did try toolshop, and I can recommend it to you shipping is included in europe.

You can't go wrong with a delica, but how about the larger endura?
OK. length is't everything.

The combo I carried for half of my military life and still carry today is an Endura(serrated) and a Delica(plain blade). I also have a Delica with 50/50 blade that works well also. Plain tip for fine cutting, serrated bottom half for more aggresive cutting.
Hope this helps.


I personally carry my Gunting everyday and love the compression lock and the many options the knife gives me. It's kind of pricey though. The Ayoob, Chinook and Starmate are all real nice too. For the price it's hard to beat a Endura or a Delica... Now that I think about it I don't own a spydie I don't like LOL
I have to speak up for the Native. The Lightweight version with the 440V blade is a wonderful little knife. I have the BF Native, which has the same blade and I love it. It is the same steel as in the Military, the StarMate, the Gunting, and the Chinook, all very much more expensive knives. It holds an edge superbly well and it can be sharpened easily on the 204 Sharpmaker (I have done it on my Nativce and my StarMate). I have had NO trouble with chipping or denting, despite the stories that I have heard, so I will leave that to others for comment. Jeff Randall took a StarMate on one of his trips into Amazonia and really put it through the torture test and he came out liking it, so I am confidant recommending the steel to you.

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Hugh Fuller
I'd prefer the Native over the Delica, but I think the Calypso Ltwt. is the best Spydie in the size range,hands down.
My .01 cents

As for the plain edge, I have both a delica and a calypso jr (lightweight). Since I got the calypso, the delica has stayed in the safe. The VG-10, plus a full flat grind, makes it my best cutting spydie. Great for cutting rope, cardboard, whittling,etc. and is really nice for food prep. Years ago, the delica was my first spydie, but in the same size range, the calypso jr is Spydercos best knife, IMO...