Spyderco Rookie Model

Nov 19, 2000
Has anyone had any experience with Spydercos "Rookie" ? It's the smaller version of their Police model.

I'm looking for a pocket knife that will mainly be for self-defense thats also small (and legal) enough for daily pocket carry. It'll also do double duty for general, albeit light, utility use.

I'm also considering the Delica II.

I'd like to stick with Spyderco as I don't own any yet.

The delica has a matching trainer available from Spyderco. That may be a good idea since it will be a self defence knife. The rookie is nice too. Can't hardly go wrong with a Spyderco.

The first knife was probably used to cut stuff.
I have a Rookie.It is my "small" knife.Over all a good piece,I like bigger knives but use this when flying or when I must carry a small knife.It is well made and sharp,try to handle one first if your hands are large this knife may seem a little small.I do like mine a lot.Smokey Mountain knife works was selling them for $39,but I think they are down to serrated only now.
I have one with an all-stainless steel handle and plain edge. It's a small knife but cuts extremely solidly.

You also mention the Delica II. I have one also, and it, too, is a great knife. The Rookie has slightly better edge-holding due to ATS-55 blade steel as opposed to the Delica II's AUS-6 steel, but the AUS-6 has better stain resistance.

Your best bet is to handle both in person to see how each feels in your hand. BOth are excellent. The Rookie's blade is slightly longer, but the handle is a bit smaller.
I love the Rookie. It was my "frequent flyer" knife for years. ATS-55 is a wonderful user-friendly steel, and of course Spydie quality was typical great. I highly recommend it.
Rookies are great knives. They are getting harder to find though, I am pretty sure they are discontinued. Let me know if you find a source for the plain G10 model, as I would like to get another one...Ed.
I have both, both serrated (my Delica is Zytel).

The Rookie is definitely the better knife in terms of quality. The single liner and the G10 handle are just sooo much more solid feeling than the Zytel. The SS Delica might negate that difference, but the cost would be weight. The Rookie is a classy knife that you could use in any environment.

That said, if I were going into harm's way, I would choose the Delica hands down. The Delica's ugly factor is the huge blade hump and hole, but that makes it well suited for defense. You just can't miss the Delica's hole, whereas the Rookie's is a smaller hole and right at the handle edge.

The Rookie has the same length blade (maybe a hair bigger) but feels & looks a lot smaller due to the slimmer handle & tapered blade. ATS55 and G10 for $40, you can't go wrong.
I carry a Spyderco Endura. The blade is serrated and black. The handle is also black. I bought it about six years ago. This earlier model Endura has a longer blade, tapering to a finer point, than the newer versions. Or maybe it just seems so to me, this is the only one I own. I've only seen the others in displays and in photos. But I would rather depend on this one for road emergencies (such as having to cut myself out of my seatbelt) than any other folder I have seen. For street emergencies, howerver, I carry a cheap S&W neck knife (no groaning now, it's suprising well designed, light, and certainly worth the price).
my favorite spydie (and i have a few now lol) is the centofante large plain blade - really a cool knife - has a safety lock so no accidental closing on ya - has a sub 4" blade so should be legal anywhere - got 1 about a month ago from the store on this sight - cost 99.99 and worth every penny - ya should check it out while ya can its been discontinued, every 1 should have at least 1 of the 1's they are discontinueing, they are some of the really good ones IMHO - also a very intimidating knife and very light and easy to carry - i really like mine.....