Spyderco Starmate- Where can you get it?

Jun 20, 1999
I was wondering where you can get the Spyderco Starmate and how much it costs.

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Sol, try Spyderco Factory Outlet www.fe3stone.com Charlie will hook you up. Great service, accepts all major credit cards, coin of the realm and are pleasent people to chat with.
Copfish said it all! They have the rare plain-edge models and also the combo versions in stock.
The KnifeCenter link shows it listed there for $99.95. 3-3/4" CPM440V blade with G-10 scales for that price sounds interesting. Has there been any threads/reviews on this knife?

Look in the Spyderco part of bladeforums for threads on the Starmate.

If you would like my opinion on them (I just got mine yesterday) I will share with you, in concise terms my opinion of it so far.

The knife is awesome. When it arrived it surpassed my expectations. Really solid, the blade is made with beautiful, really thick 440V steel. The knife is incredibly light, especially given the amount of steel in that blade.

The lockup is really solid, and the action very smooth, no play in it what so ever. I've tried different grips on it to see if I could 'accidentally' release it, with no success. I totally trust it.

I have heard other forumites express concerns over the ergonomics of the handle. Personal preferences I assume, as when I hold it, I find it quite comfortable. And I find that the grip is still secure even when the handle is wet.

The lines of the knife are really nice, the blade shape will prove to be more useful to me as a daily carry knife then the knife which it is replacing, being less pointy at the tip. I've carried the Endura every day for 10 years.

I've always loved the Endura (and still do), but after holding the Starmate, whenever I pick up the Endura, it feels cheap and flimsy (which it is not).

From now on I carry the Starmate.

It is a high quality knife that uses all the newest materials, and puts them together in a package that is solid, comfortable, safe, and aesthetically pleasing.

If you can find one, buy it and you will not be disappointed.

SharpCdn, thanks for that mini-review. In fact, I did go into the Spyderco forum and my "starmate" search didn't turn up anything initially, but it must've been a typo cuz I just retried and found lots of stuff.

Sounds like a great knife. Hope I can find one to try out at my knife store soon.

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As of 7/7/99, KnifeCenter said that they had no plain edge models.

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Spyderco's Factory Outlet's website (www.fe3stone.com) isn't up and running yet, but you can call them at 1-800-828-1925.
(copfish~I have had to post this like 8 gazillion times, every time after you post the URL to their website!)