Spyderco Starmate

Dec 18, 1998
I love the Century Star fighter, but am unable to get my hands on one right now. Sal, when will the Starmate be available?

I just got a Terzuola Jr. and it is such a great little folder. The only problem with this particular knife is the spacer, liner and handle scales are not fit properly. I cherish it nonetheless.

I have much respect for Terzuola's craftsmanship (ATCF is my primary carry knife) and I value highly the Spyderco/Terzuola collaborations.

After I acquire a Starmate, I will patiently await the release of the Shabaria... very beautiful.

I posted the same question a few days ago, also under the title Spyderco Starmate. I got a response from Sal. He said it would be out in Feb. Look up the post, as there was alot of information given.