Spyderco Tim Wegner: Hunter or Tactical?

Dec 18, 1998
I was just looking at a picture of the Wegner model and wondered why this particular knife design is marketed as an outdoorsman utility knife. Is it the upswept point? If it is, don't many tactical knives also share this blade design?

I'm just a bit confused due to the Wegner's overall tactical aesthetic - I'm not sure what characteristics place it in the hunter's category.

Can anyone clarify this for me?

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Ronald - The Tim Wegner designed Clipit was originally designed by Tim as an "all around" utility knife with a special affinity for hunting/skinning. One of his "missions" was a knife that one could carry into the snow covered bush in uncomfortably cold and harsh environment and be able to use this knife to skin large animals for hours on end without fatique, discomfort in the hand or dulling of the edge. I agree that it certainly has the "right stuff" to be a "tactical" knife, as does Tim.

We were informed at the '98 SHOT Show last FEB by Tim (& Gunsite) that the Wegner was going to be the "Official" Gunsite knife, (what that means in its entirety, I'm not sure). We were somewhat surprized when the the Cold Steel piece (which is a very nice piece) was announced in that role. I have not yet had an opportunity to discuss this with Tim, but Gunsite must have seen some tactical value to consider it. Spyderco feels that this is a beautiful design for hunting, utility or tactical. It is very well made, (custom quality) and seems to be appreciated by the ELU tht have chosen to invest in Tim's design. "Tactical" is difficult to pin down.
hope this helps.
Six months ago, I stopped into the Cutlery Shoppe here in Boise to buy a Tim Wegner. They had some on order but not in the shop, took my name and number to notify me when they came in. I liked the knife and wanted it as a hunter because of the excellent drop point shown in all the photographs available in advertisements in knife magazines, etc. When it came in, the point was not nearly as dropped as in the photos. I stood there with the knife in my hand in the show room and showed the staff that the more narrow point on the knife was not anything like the more rounded point in the photos and would be less valuable as a hunter. They agreed and took it back. Since then, the advertisement photos have been changed to show a less dropped point, better for a tactical knife but less utilitarian as a hunter. Next time you dress your deer, try a pointy knife and you'll see it cuts too many holes in the hide. This is from experience, not theory. As a youth I worked in a processing plant skinning and later processing 300-500 deer, 50-60 elk, 10 antelope, a couple of moose and bear each year for 10 years. The current Spyderco Wegner is no better as a hunter than my AFCK! Maybe I'll call Tim and ask if he can have one custom made--costs more but assured acceptability! If not, a good $75 custom made fixed blade semi-skinner would work fine.
Bruce - Sorry for your difficulty with Tim's piece. The ads were shot from the prototypes so it is possible that there might be a slight difference. It is difficult for me to imagine a great difference. This is Tim's design and required his approval for production. Tim has already sent us numerous photos and articles on the success of this knife in the "hunting" arena. Awards and "Official knife of Alaska or ?? I believe if there was a problem, he would have informed us and we would have made the necessary refinements. That is the Spyderco way. Perhaps you might give Tim a call and invite him to join the BladForums.COM. He is a great guy and I'm sure his knowledgable input would be an asset to all of us.
The Wegner actually happens to be one of my favorite knives since it is confortable, sturdy, uses excellent steel and is, without a doubt, tactically designed. I remember an old magazine article showing the emerson banana(CQC6 I think) and I happened to notice how there was so much similarity between the two knives. Since BM never made the banana, when I saw the wegner it was a have to buy item. I have not regreted it.
Well, personally I don't care what you call it, the Wegner model is one heck of an all around folder. I'm thinking of getting another "just in case", so far there has been no task it couldn't handle and it is very comfortable to use as well. The more I think about it, maybe I don't need that Military after all !
Cobalt, Brian, I wholeheartedly agree! The Wegner is my favorite folder as well and if given the choice of only one (yeah, right) to carry, that would be the one. At first it did look a bit odd but when I handled it I was pleasantly surprised! It has done everything that I' ve needed it for. One observation: the finger groove is somewhat wide, presumeably for gloved use, enough to accomodate 2 fingers. That being the case I feel that the file work on the spine needs to be sharper for an even better surface for the thumb, gloved or not. Otherwise, and still a great knife! What do you think Sal?

L8r - Spyderco is qute pleased with the Wegner design and current production. A great deal of effort goes into creating a production piece from a custom design. This model was no exception. There might be some design disagreement, but I doubt that you will find many flaws with the finshied product. Both Tim Wegner and the Spyderco mfg team are to be commended for their accomplishment (in my opinion). The model is easily rated with a custom, and I think you will long long and hard to find many production pieces that are comparable. Of course, my opinion would be considered "biased".
The Tim Wegner Jr. is by far my favorite Spyderco. I liked it so much that I purchased two of them.
The only problem I've had occurred with the oldest one that has seen use.
The liner lock is almost touching the far side of it's sweep. Accordingly, it is or almost is, worn out.
I wish it could be rebuilt because the blade is in excellent shape. I've grown very fond of it as it even has a s/n (528) where the newer one doesn't.
Another extremely cheap improvment would be that Spyderco supply three flush set screws for those of us that favor the clipless grip.
I've used mine to dress several deer, and the holes get packed with tissue that is hard to clean out. The grip (when actually working the knife) is far improved without the clip.
Liner lock problem, what a shocker Bill.

Even though I don't own one, the Wegner is a fave of mine too. It's an awesome knife as-is, but swap it to a Rolling Lock and Spyderco has an incredibly good knife there.

Sal... just for info sake, Gunsite is selling the Wegner as a defensive blade because they feel it has all the good features of a fine self defense piece. You can find it on the Gunsite forum. Oh yah, I love my Wegner to.

The Wegner item looks like an odd duck, but is Spyderco's best. I went one better (esp. because I'm a southpaw) and ordered a blue titanium custom Wegner from Tim. Its put together by Phil Bogelewski nad is a quality piece. Its bulldog strong and very smooth.... And it's non-threatening looks are definitely a plus. Finally, it has screw holes on the bottom and top, so the choice of how to carry is yours.
I have a numbered Tim Wenger if anybody id interested in it. Really want to trade it for something else so let me know what you have.