Spyderco Tim Wegner

I carry the lg. combo edge Weg and a small plain Weg. Jr on a daily basis. These are the finest pair of utility blades I've found for my needs to date. Although I wish it a a few less serrations, the lg. combo still retains enough plain edge to be very useful for dressing and other field chores with up to whitetail sized woodland critters. It is truly a great design.

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I have one of each flavor. I really love the Wegner design. I prefer plain edge, but then again I prefer plain edge on all my knives. The serrated model does have enough plain edge to do most utility chores. I think you will be happy with which ever model you choose.

Dennis Bible

The Wegner is one of the best blades I have ever carried. I carry a Boguszewski custom model and have never been disappointed with the knife. The blade style lends itself to all needs. The Spyderco version is just as good as the custom! Serrated or plain you won't go wrong with this one. I prefer the plain.

Art Sigmon
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I like my full sized SPYDERCO Tim Wegner a lot. Hefty, strong feel, very decent edge hold. Excellent ergonomics, handle fits my hand like glove. I would like a bit less handle exposed over the pocket edge.
Mine has plain edge, very nice continuous cutting curve, somewhat pity to waste it with serrations