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Spyderco TV commercial ..


Oct 12, 1998
I was watching CNN this morning and saw a Spyderco TV commercial. The 30 second spot was very well done and even showed the knives potential to be used in "tactical" roles, not just cutting apples on the chopping block (which I never would've thought to do with my spyderco before the commercial..

Is this a national campaign or was it just the local cable's portion of the commercial time? (I am in Atlanta)

According to Sal, the commercials were going to be aired to certain markets only, and then further measures would be evaluated.

They also may be turned into .avi, .mov, .mpeg or other formats so that they can be downloaded over the web, he was really open to that idea.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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Just got finished asking the wife and we are 85 percent sure we saw the ad during the Super bowl here in the NYC viewing area. I remember thinking Wow they had to pay some money for that spot.
Ads are still being tested and evaluated. Colorado Springs before Christmas, Denver in January. Several spots on National PRCA rodeos. Atlanta was tested in February during SHOT. Don't know March yet. 3 separate 30 second spots. 1) home use, cutting flowers and cutting veggies. 2) camping/outdoor with various cutting tasks performed. 3) Fire/Rescue scene. Sorry no Superbowl, too many $$ for us.