Spyderco Walker & BM 855: Gentleman's knives

Feb 18, 1999
I've acquired these two knives recently, both make excellent light-duty, super-sharp gentleman's knives, or great back-up folders to a larger main carry.

The Spyderco Michael Walker Lightweight opens/closes very smoothly. The 2.5" blade is scary sharp and the high hollow grind aids in precise cutting. It's not a heavy-duty knife, its frame is Zytel with a single steel liner, but it's so light you can just drop it inside your pocket, clip and all.

The Benchmade Pardue 855 has multi-colored aluminum handle scales, titanium liners, G-10 back spacer, silver steel clip. The blade is identical to the discontinued Leopard Cub, fully flat-ground drop point. My model has excellent fit and finish. The 855's colored scales lessen somewhat the "menacing" quality of a knife to some, in addition to the blade being under 3". The liner locks up tight with zero play.

Both of these little folders are a pleasure to carry and use. In particular, I've been using my Walker Lightweight for a fruit knife, it's so convenient. So much better than pulling out my Police or AFCK to do small jobs in front of nervous types!

Yup, I had an 856 for a while (thanks to Cumberland Cutlery), before I traded it at a show toward the purchase of my 705. Never had any problems with it, except that it is pretty much right-hand only.


I also think that the Mel Pardue 330 is an excellent gentleman's knife. I carry one in my Dockers at work and never notice its weight.

I've carried the Walker Lt/Wt for almost two years, it's still as smooth as silk, and it did everything I need a little knife to do. I felt like I needed a change and I was just tired of the serrations on the Walker, so I just received a CRKT/KFF with a plain edge. I bought the large and small, the small will be my new everyday carry. The big one is just too much knife for everyday. There is no way I would call even the small KFF a Gents knife, but then nobody has called me a "Gentleman" lately. I bought a BM 330-p for my wife, she didn't care for it, pretty but just too stiff. I worked it through for her, but she's not interested, so it sits on a shelf. For me Spydies are great knievs, CRKT are a real bargain, there will be no more BM's in my future.