Spyderco warranty svcs for Police model.

Sep 27, 2006
Has anyone used spyderco's warranty services? I have a very old police that has a goofy tip and a lot of horizontal blade play. On their warranty page they say that to fix these problems, it will cost $20 + $5, which is just fine by me.

Where I am concerned, is that the police appears to be held together via compression. It doesn't have a visible pivot pin to tighten or remove to replace the blade so I don't see how they could service it without replacing the entire knife, and I doubt they'd do that for $20 + $5.

Anyone have any experience with this?

Apparently there are many revisions of the police model. This particular one is seki-city, japan, ats-55, full serrate, stainless steel. The spine lock is full, no little half circle cut out of it. The pocket clip is removable, but only has screws tapped in a single spot for it, for tip down right carry. It has the little spyderlogo on the clip and also the patent information. I can't see anything else identifying about it. I think I bought it in '98 or so for $90 - 100, but it's been awhile.
I most everybody's experience, Spyderco's Warranty & Repair is excellent. Send the knife in, and they will do everything they can to make it better. I feel I should warn you that because of the weather in Colorado during the last couple of weeks, the turnaround time for W&R serviced knives has been delayed. More info on that is in this thread at Spyderco's official forum: http://spyderco.com/forums/showthread.php?t=25940

I've only used Spyderco warranty services once and they treated me very well.
You may want to call them ahead of sending the knife in. ESPECIALLY if you want the same knife back for sentimental reasons, 'just in case' they deem it necessary to replace it with a new one.
Thanks guys. I'll call (unless Kristi picks this thread up). I've no sentimental attachment to it as I didn't get it engraved or customized at all. It was my second spyderco, and what I considered my second 'real knife' the first being a black coated half serrate endura with zytel clip.
It's always difficult to make a W&R call without actually seeing your knife. Send it in to Terry with a description of what happened and we'll go from there. As previously said, be sure to note if you have a sentimental attachment to that specific knife and of course all of your contact info including phone and email.

Once evaluated, Terry will contact you and let you know your options.

Make it a great day!

Like mentioned, I have used them once it was a very pleasent experience. :) :)
If you bought this knife in 1998, the original warranty should cover both the tip and the blade play. At the time you bought your knife, these services were free from spyderco. Given this, maybe spyderco will do the repairs for free since this was the warranty you originally bought.
After shipping it in, then talking with them after it had been evaluated the situation seemed pretty bleak. I more or less got the "10 years is a good run for a knife, what more do you want?" line, but she (Christine?) asked if I wanted it sent through for them to try to correct the blade play anyway.

I just received the police back and they were able to fix it! The tip still looks horrible, but this model is a full serrate blade so it may as well have a mean troll looking tip to match the belly. :)

They sent along the new 2007 catalogs as well, possibly a hint. :)

I've dealt with Benchmade, Spyderco and Leatherman within the past 2 months for roughly the same issues and have been impressed all around.

Thanks all
I love a happy ending...FYI it does have a nonadjustable pivot pin. After 10 years of use, I am surprised a faint outline wasn't visible just at the spot you would expect a pivot pin. Indeed you can't see it on a "fresh model". ;)