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Spyderco Wave

Jun 2, 2005
Any chance Spyderco will "wave" a few more models? I would like to see a wave paramilitary or mini manix
i really would like a serrated endura with a wave. i ground my own like others on this board, it works great, but it is not the same as the nice big factory wave.
I've heard some say the waved Spydercos open better than Emersons?
I notice on Emersons the wave is closer to the pivot (faster open?), while Spydercos are farther from pivot (easier to open?). For those who have/tried both.. how does the wave opening feel on both knives?
I haven't tried the Spydie wave, but i do have an Emerson with wave. I think the position of the wave on the Spydies is to provide more torque for opening. It takes a bit more to overcome the tension of the mid-lock than it does to overcome the resistance of the detent on a liner lock.
I think the Spyderco works better than the Emerson, but is not as aesthetically pleasing. The multi-position clip allows for additional draw options. Like a reverse grip draw in right hand or regular-grip draw in left.
The more pronounced wave on the Spyders allows, in my experience, far less chance that the wave won't catch fully on the pocket. My waved Delica opens fully and smoothly every time. I couldn't say the same for the waved Emerson I owned for a while.
I've waved a custom Emerson, a waved Endura and a modified wave by STR. STR's wave is the largest and the easiest to open. It's pretty much the size of the wave that can make it difficult to catch on the corner of the pocket like jujigatame said. There are times where you can actually miss the corner of the pocket and not wave it. This is more likely to occur with the smaller waves.
The cobra hood on my ATR does a pretty good job of waving it open, usually when I don't expect it :rolleyes:
The cobra hood on my ATR does a pretty good job of waving it open, usually when I don't expect it :rolleyes:
hmm.. do any other Spydercos come with a Cobra Hood?
..when I did the zip tie wave mod on my delica.. i found it also helped while using the spydie hole.. that extra little ridge helps when thumb is wet/cold, etc.
::thinkin of way to put a cobra hood on my delica.. hmm::
The Salsa came with a Cobra Hood. Don't think there will be any more with one though, given the general reaction to them.
Well, I guess this is the thread for me to put in a bid for a run of Waved Salts! Love the wave, love the Salts, lets see them together!