I ordered mine from Frank Norman of LRTC on the strength of recommendations of the people here at Bladeforums.

I heard that the Wegner Jr is a very solid little knife. It has a solid lock and feels hefty in the hand. I think that the blade is designed primarily for hunting but it will fit the bill, for me, for a strong utility folder.

The only thing that I am not too sure about is the 'hole'. It seems a little on the small size. What are people's experience with this?

I am waiting in anticipation for the delivery!



Hi Guys,
My Wegner Jr. is the favorite of the Spyderco collection. It's ahead of the Calypso, Pegasis, Endura and Navigator.
In fact, I have two of them in the event Spyderco cannot rebuild my first one (s/n 528)which is played with every day.
Turns out that after break in, they are the fastest opening Spyderco of the lot. No problem with that downsized hole.
You'll love yours. I'm certain.

The hole is smaller than you'll find on some other knives, but you'll notice that it's not chamfered. The edge of the hole catches your thumb and offers great purchase. Compare a Mini AFCK and you'll see what I mean. These are great knives, and I'd probably buy one if the clip were mounted higher, and on the pivot end.

David Rock

Bill here is one of the guys who 'persuaded' me to get the Wegner Jr! Hey Bill....do you take your Wegner apart to clean it?

David...I thought that the clip looked a bit low too. But I think that I can put up with that. If not, then I can do what Bill suggests....take the clip off!! But I'm happy with the clip being mounted on the end it's on.


One of the few points against the Wegners (actually the only one I can think of) is that they can't be disassembled for cleaning as they are riveted together. I just give mine a good clean with hot water and detergent then dry and oil. IMHO this is the best of the <3" blade production knives, great blade shape, very ergonomic handle and very solidly built.


do you know if there are any people who offer to take off the rivets and install alternative fixings that will allow disassembly? It seems a shame that the folder can't be broken down for maintenance.


Clay is right.
The only negative on the Wegner is its pressed rivet construction.
There's no easy rebuild or service feature.
My first Wegner Jr is about six months old and the liner lock is approaching the far right side of its locking contact area.
This knife is approaching its worn out stage, but has a bristol blade.
I'll be sending it back to Spyderco for warranty consideration soon. I'm optimistic about their response, but I'm going to loose the serial number on the blade if the knife is replaced instead of repaired.
I have another Wegner Jr so I can survive parting with the origional when it is off being repaired/replaced.
Ken, remember to let us know your impressions when yours arrives.
Later, Bill
Bill McWilliams, (hey Bill), has been telling me what a great knife the Wegner Jr. is, for a long while. I had purchased a large Wegner awhile back, and it is a quality brute! I finally sprang for a Jr. through Frank Norman at Little River Trading Co., (his service is top notch). Well, Bill was right. This is one of the handiest folders you'll ever use. I too was concerned about the small Spyderhole, but as Bill and David Rock said, the thing opens super easy, small hole or not. One concern I had, (and Frank warned me before he sent the knife), was that the liner was resting over the 50% mark on the locking area, (he also discounted the knife $5.00 because of this, see what I mean about Frank)? Anyway after giving the knife the Joe T. lock test, and my own, it did not fail. Another concern I had, was that the factory ground the blade pivot area badly, and left an ugly mark on it. This does not in any way affect performance, but it is, I think, the first glaring flaw I've found on any Spyderco. I hope Spyderco is not letting their quality lag. One thing I will say, is that this Wegner Jr. came out of the box "Spyderco Sharp". And I mean as sharp as my Sebenzas. Bill was right, this is one of the handiest, sharpest, size perfect, folders in my collection. You'll love it.
Blues force-fed me on the Wegner Jr. He just kept suggesting and praising it in our ongoing knife conversations. I was leery because it came with a clip (suprise ?).
The clip came off like all others and I love the knife.
The liner lock on my original is 90% worn, which presents a concern because the knife is only six months old.
I must however admit that that knife has been opened and closed a thousand times.
Maybe Spyderco's intent is a "disposable" knife. I'll find out soon when it goes back to Spyderco.
Anyway, I force-fed Blues the REKAT Pioneer and I think he is very happy.
You influenced me to get the Umfaan.
I love this place. Let's keep it up.

My liner also moved from about halfway when new to almost the opposite edge quite quickly but has since shown no signs of moving any further. The lock-up is still solid, there is no blade play and the lock passes all the tests. My feeling is that there may have been minor irregularities in the tang and lock surfaces which wore off during break in but now wear has slowed down considerably. I intend to keep using the knife until (if) the blade shows signs of play before I send it back. I will be interested to hear how you get on with Spyderco.


It was the least I could do. Made me feel good you took my advice (and that it proved worthy).

Yes, I like the REKAT more and more.
Looking forward to abusing it one of these days.

Almost initiated the Koncept drop point today, but decided to keep the blade pretty for at least one more day.