Spyderco Wegner

Oct 6, 1998
I've had this knife for a while now, but I had to show it off to everyone, so that's why this review is late.

I'll skip the introduction part and get straight to the...knife! I told myself that it was just that, a knife. But after I opened the box, I just stared it for a while, then went on with my morning routines and kept glancing at the knife every now and then. The knife I had waited for so long made me happy just by being there. After a while, I couldn't keep my hands off of it. It is my first Spyderco, my first knife with a blade of ATS-34, my first knife with G-10-scales and my first knife with a pocket clip. After holding it for a while, I opened it up and as Dexter Ewing put it, the ball detent really grabs the blade. No way this one is going to open up in your pocket! The lock-up seemed to be very solid; no blade play or anything, the liner was
in it's place, in the middle of the tang. Initial sharpness tests included the fingernail test and slicing paper and cardboard. It is clearly one of my sharpest knives, if not the sharpest of them all! Oh, and it shaves arm hair without any effort. Closing (and opening) the blade doesn't need all that much thought put into it. The action didn't require any "getting used to", it felt like I had owned the knife for years. I think some of the credit for that goes to the handle, which was the thing that really surprised me. The full-size Wegner is clearly designed for a larger hand than mine, but the handle feels comfortable even in my hands. No need to "choke-up-on" the handle when opening the knife anything. That's kinda hard to explain, you have to hold the knife yourself. Almost every part of the handle is round and it feels like at home in your hand, no matter the grip. I gotta learn to tie lanyards, since this one also has a hole for just that. Oh, I almost forgot the clip! As I said, this is my only knife
with a pocket clip and I had really been thinking about the tip-up position, since I didn't think it'd feel natural or something. How wrong was I. I just put my hand in my pocket and all that is missing is the sound *clack* as my hand immediately settles into the right position, ready to draw and open.

I would like to thank Mike, Ewok and of course, Tim Wegner of Blade-Tech for the amazing prize. That being said, I don't think I could have had a better introduction to Spyderco knives.


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Do they have a catalog?
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Congradulations on your new Wegner. I absolutely love mine. Did you get plainedge or serrated? I think more people would like the Wegner if they would give it a chance. It may be marketed as a folding hunter, but it is one of my favorite "tactical" folders.


Dennis, I got a plain edge model. I didn't know, whether or not it had serrations before receiving it. That would have been my first serrated blade (if kitchen knives don't count). And thanks for the congrats
I'm currently thinking about buying the Wegner Jr., since that same, already comfortable and ergonomic handle in "my" size could be something unreal. I don't hunt or camp (I'd like to, but I lack a gun, the money, the time, yadda yadda yadda...), so this one is for home and urban chores mostly. And you're perfectly right about more people should give this knife a chance. It handles anything I put it up against.


Two important questions in life:
Do they have a catalog?
Did you know there's a town called "Batman" in Turkey?
Hi - I recently received a Tim Wegner Plain Edge from an internet store and have noticed the following:

1. The lock moves right across to the opposite scale before engaging the tang.

2. The lock appears to engage only the top (" top" being the cutting edge when the knife is open) 1mm of the tang.
3. There is some very slight blade play when the knife is locked open (VERY SLIGHT).

4. When the knife is closed there is a gap of about 1mm between the lock and the scale.

5. The left (liner side) scale appears to be somewhat thinner than the right.

6. The rivet just above the three clip screws does not sit precisly flush - it is raised just a fraction on one side.

I have seen forum members say that (1.)
above is sufficient cause to send the knife in to the customer service department. What do you say?

I havn't enough experience to say how many of the other four points listed above should be regarded as problems.

Interested to hear your comments on this matter.

Best regards,
Darryl Nightingale.

Nightingale, What else would you expect from a production knife that's under $100.00? I've had many Spydercos and Benchmades, there will always be minor flaws in them.
You get what you pay for. On the other hand, if you want perfection, get a Sebenza. Well take care.
I'm glad you like your Wegner. It was my first "nice" knife, and I love it. The nicest part is how solid it feels in my hand. Maybe it's the heft (6 oz is pretty heavy) or maybe it's the textured G-10. It's probably that Tim Wegner and Spyderco designed an awesome, rock solid knife.

I have 1 Wenger and 2 Jrs. Love all three. Absolutely solid lockups. My only complaint is that I would prefer less serrations on the Wenger Jr PS model, but that is just a personal bias. Serration fans I'm sure feel otherwise.


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The wegner is a very practical knife for hunting. I have used it for small game and its shape works well for all cleaning chores. Like any folder though it is a bit difficule to clean out the blood and stuff from the workings.

I'm with you on the Wegner. Love my plain edge! If you want a Jr, better hurry. I believe Spyderco has discontinued this great little knife.

Frank Norman
Valdosta, GA
Ewok, what is your problem?. I was just telling Nightingale what I thought. Butt out man. You're just pissed I bad mouthed the Wegner. You've got an inferior knife man, deal with it. Not my fault you can't afford a REAL knife like the Sebenza!! Punk.
KAJNIN, you're treading on thin ice in my book. if you have something personal to say, do it over email. there's no reason to shove your money and sebenzas in other peoples faces. if you'd look a little bit, you'd see that spyderco will fix the problems that nightingale has. ewok wasn't fully justified in saying what he did, but i think we all learned that two wrongs don't make a right way back in kindergarten. just simmer down.

now beyond that i have a wenger jr. and think it is a magnificent knife. great blade shape and feels good in the hand. i have a large model coming to me, i just need more handle than the jr. can offer. glad you're happy with it.

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Thanks for your concern, KAJNIN. However, I can easily afford a Sebenza. In the past year I've purchased almost 30 Spydercos, 2 SpeedTechs, 1 Busse Basic 9, 1 Sifu, 1 REKAT Carnivor, and a BM 710. Also 2 Walthers, 1 Bushmaster AR15, 2 Ruger SA sixguns, 1 T/C Contender, and a Mossberg 590A1 (Vang Comp'd). You can see some of my guns on my website.

leroys_45, I checked KAJNIN's previous posts before I posted to see if he's posted stuff like that before. He has.

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i want to put this up so people don't get the wrong idea. kajnin sent me an email discussing our personal differences in somewhat "flowerly terms". i responded in a calm and civilized fashion (at least as civilized as i can get) and he replied with an apology. i'm not sure if this has happened with any other member, but i want everyone ot realize that people can change, and we should give everyone their fair shots. and like i said above, sometimes, we need to all simmer down a little.