SpyderComb anyone?

Nov 7, 2000
Anyone out there care for a SpyderComb? (Can't seem to find those darn aluminum combs that were made a few years ago). As posted in the Sypderco website forum, I wondered if this idea was posted (and probably laughed at) before.

My suggestion is a folder with the Spyder hole and reversible clip perhaps similar to the Rescue C14BK. Can comb teeth be laser-cut into the blade instead of the serrations? (Flat grind would probably work better than saber or hollow grind, though). Don't need an auto; just keep it simple with the usual Spyderco quality.

I saw movie trailers that the Spiderman movie is coming out next summer and I want to be prepared for the Spidermania. Heck, I might even use it to comb my hair occasionally. ;)
If ELUs are short to begin with, I'd sure hate to see a knife go away so we could have a comb instead. I also doubt many folks would pay $40+ for a comb. I know I wouldn't.
How 'bout the second blade on a Dyad for a moustache-comb? Add a toothpick and a corkscrew...um, disregard (it's been done by another maker, I think).
Just make sure that they're not as out-of-the-box sharp as regular spydies or we'll have a bunch of funny-looking folks running around...:p
Let me say it another way: Anyone out there care for a self-defense tool that could be carried where conventional knives are not allowed? As a bonus, the tool could be used to comb your hair.
i'd definitely think about buying a spyder comb. it would probably be difficult to manufacture cheap though.
Are you thinking something like a Gunting-comb? It is designed to be used defensively. Or maybe the comb-option could aid in this function?
In a pinch, a nylon comb can be used for self-defense. Rake some part of the BG (e.g., arm, face, eyes, etc.) and follow-up with some other disabling technique and/or then run for your life. A metal comb would be more effective than a nylon comb.

When someone asks, "Is that a knife you're carrying?" You reply, "No, it's really a comb--here let me show you."
Al Mar Knives tried it in the middle '80's with their "Wild Hair". Lots of liability issues I'm sure but the bottom line was, IT DIDN'T SELL.
Gene, thanks for the AL Mar background on the concept. I now realize that the SpyderComb--although "cool" as a gadget item--is a bad idea otherwise.