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Spyderco's SpydeRench Pics

I look forward to a review, it looka as if there is a high function:size ratio, but I don't think it would replace the leatherman-type tool anytime soon.
Sal: I'm gonna need to read the instruction sheet with this one

How much will this tool cost? This is very innovative, that is for sure.



Hi Greg - SRP is set at $100. I have heard a rumor that Spydie may do an instructional video for this tool. Sal?

Dexter Ewing
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My, my, my...somebody's gone COMPLETELY off the deep end with a CAD program here.
Whatever mind came up with something this complex needs to change careers, go study the Federal banking system and figure out what's REALLY going on. And quick!

I *love* it. Never mind the functionality, just sell it to people into PUZZLES!


One question: how fast can that knife come out? Because one obvious market is England, 'cuz lockblade or not, I really can't see how their idiot courts and cops wouldn't buy the "but it's just a TOOL!" argument
. The previous winner in the "devious weapon-potential multitool" market was the Kershaw with the locking pliers and linerlock 2.5" blade - but that knife is slender, weak and the lock's not trustworthy.

THIS little booger fixes all that.

Damn...I keep glancing back at the pics in another window...it's absolutely startling.

<Bowing low to Sal Glesser> This thing is a MUST own, sir, it's just TOO cool for words. And I won't even wait for the 8" closed, 7" blade version that's coming SOON, right?

Jim March

(Hey, I just thought of something: once stuff THIS complex becomes feasible, the next obvious step is a multitool with a huge variety of stuff stuck on, but made by North American Arms and featuring a .22Magnum minirevolver at it's core! "I'll shoot this SOB as soon as I get the can opener clear of the muzzle!"
OK, OK, That might my first Spyderco.

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I saw a pre-production piece at the NY Knife Show. This thing is NICE. Can't wait til it hits. I can see people getting rabid over this thing! I love Spyderco.


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That thing is incredible. My wife and I just finished looking at the pics, we wre looking at each other with those "yipes" expressions.
My wife agrees that they may need to send out a video with each purchase. Sure would like to mess around with one. Thanks for the pics Dexter.
It looks great! but why I can not
find it in Spyerco's homepage?
Hope this will be in product!
I can't wait!
Jim March- Nice one, I completely agree, I WANT ONE NOW

I have long been a Spyderco fan and own many multitools, it looks like that number will have to increase by one some time this year, and it looks like the clip is reversable for us lefties, does anyone konw if this is the case and also how long is the blade???
Super cool! Keep some allen wrenchs nearby and this looks like the perfect Mountain Biking tool!

I agree with you, Yek -- it won't replace the Leatherman type tools, but it would be a perfect complement to it!


I want one.


Clay Fleischer

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Wow, that is too cool! Hmmm, I see what you guys mean about not replacing the Leatherman, but this has a high "Gee-Whiz" factor...
It really does look like a "cool" tool, just not very practical. In a world where we need VCR+ because people can't program thier VCR's even though almost all of them have on screen programming. I don't think it will fly too high. But I agree, for a sport tool, like mountain biking and such it should go well. I wouldn't buy it, but then again, I lift weights and other sports that don't even need tools. anyway, I still think it looks cool. 100 bones? What were they thinking.
Saw the Spydetool at last years Blade Show. Very cool tool. It looks really complicated at first, but once you play with it you'll get the hang of it quick. But a video with it wouldn't hurt.
Thanks for the photos Dexter.
I love it! I have found a replacement for my much loved and used Gerber Multiplier set. Please keep us posted.
I don't see what you guys are talking about with puzzles, and instructions, and videos.

It's uses are immediately apparent for me.

And imagine the ooohhhs and aaaahhhhs you are gonna get from your fellow tool users...

I will have one..

When I am in my shop, or working on my favorite folder I may use specific tools, but for everything else, it will be this tool.

I may replace one or two of the apex with something else, but besides that...

I have been in the multi-tool market forever but have never bought one, I will buy one of these.

Plain of course.

Where is the diamond file?

One may want to keep an Eye out for my review of the Bob Kasper designed, Kevin Gentile modified AFCK and interview of Bob Kasper.

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MDP - the file is located on the bit extension coupler thing.

Dexter Ewing
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"The keystroke is mightier than the sword"