Spyderench review


Good review, I see that you have some of the same concerns as I do regarding the Spyderench. The gadget factor is much higher than the utility factor generally, and the possibility of losing parts is high in the right environment.

From reading your review I think I may have a somewhat better example than you got in terms of fit and finish.

I carried mine religiously for a period of several weeks in order to form an opinion, but I carried it in addition to my Leatherman Wave, not in place of it. There are tasks that this tool can do very well. There are also tasks that It cannot do at all. For me it will never replace my wave.

I think part of my difficulty was that I undertook this trial in the middle of the winter. Working outside in the cold and snow you appreciate how easy it would be to lose a part that would cripple the tool.

None the less I say hold on to it. It is fun to play with, and some day it will be a collectors item. I don't think Spyderco is going to make that many of them before they get discontinued or redesigned.

Excellent job, because of the Swisstool review you wrote sometime back I figured you would have some interesting and informative comments about the SpydeRench.

I think that some consideration should be given to the fact that Spyderco did at least go a different way rather than just making a clone of the Leatherman which many companies did.

I would think that the product will evolve and many of the problems discussed will be dealt with.


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Alex - Thanx for the time and effort. I guess this lets us know what we have to work on.

I'd still consider either this or the Kershaw vice-grips-based multipliers as a "second multi-tool" to fill in the weaknesses in my original non-locking Gerber with "bit kit".

I think there's a market for a "real pro monster" multi-tool...one that's fairly big, 6" overall or so closed, 4" blade that could double as defense
, a whole buttload of tools including the diamond sharpener of the Spyderwrench (one of it's best features), the hacksaw blade of the Kershaw and some Gerber variants, and definately hex-drive capability.

One reason I've kept my old Gerber is that the sheath holds six small hex bits, plus the hex adapter piece, and then I can shove three 3" long hex-drive screwdriver shafts down beside the body of the tool in the increasingly ragged-looking (5+ years old now!) Cordura sheath.

In other words, a cleverly designed sheath that could hold three LONG shaft bits (3") plus six+ "shorties" is as valuable as any other feature. My "long shafts" are two phillips bits in medium and large, and a compromise-size medium standard screwdriver bit. These are standard $1 hardware-store items.