Spydie Native........

Mar 19, 2000
I've read a lot of great things about the Spydie Native and would like all your input on the knife, good and the bad. I would like to know about the CPM 440V model in particular. Just curious about your experiences because I am considering buying the Native soon.
Although I don't have the 440 version, I must say that it is a good little knife for people with large hands. Your hand just fits in like a glove. It's a good knife overall if you have to keep it a short lenght.
You have a good eye. The Native with CPM 440V is probably the best folder for the money in the utility field.

James Segura
San Francisco, CA
The Spyderco Native in CPM 440V once went the distance against Sugar Ray Robinson! The Spyderco Native in CPM 440V is responsible for the British Crop Circles, as well as Mad Cow Disease. The Spyderco Native in CPM 440V was named an Honorary DEA Agent by President Nixon. The Spyderco Native in CPM 440V really listens when you talk, and always remembers your Birthday and Anniversary.

The Spyderco Native in CPM 440V fought the Law, and the Law won!

James Segura
San Francisco, CA
I thought my Native was the
only one that talks!
But seriously, it fits a wide range of hand sizes. It has a great all purpose blade length and shape. It carries well with or without the clip. And te 440V takes and holds a fantastic edge. IMO, the best folder for the money out there. It's the best over all knife I've ever carried.

Everything good that has been said about the Native is true.

I have been carrying one for a while and I just ordered another. As much as I love my Sifu and Boa, I would have to pick the Native as winner of the all-around utility competition.

Here is my mini-review:

The blade shape can do just about anything well and is wide enough not to be fragile. The handle gives me a grip that I trust not to slip even when applying my full strength. Opening is smooth. The lock is positive and strong. The clip provides a tip-up carry, which seems to be unusual in knives this size.

Because the actual edge is less than 2.5" the Native should be legal just about anywhere. The plain-edge version is my preferred "airport knife".

With the reversible clip the Native is fully ambidextrous. I sometimes reconfigure mine for carry in my left front pocket if I'm not wearing the waist pack that usually rides in front of that pocket.

My two most common utility knives, Native and Boa, both have blades made of 440V. They take a wicked edge and seem to hold it exceptionally well. Neither has shown any sign of staining, despite being sweated on most of the time.
So far 440V is my favorite knife steel, although the D-2 Enhanced Sifu may eventually change my mind.

All-in-all I think the Native combines capabilities of a medium-sized knife (3"-4") with the social, legal, and practical advantages of a small knife (under 2.5"). You can't go wrong carrying one.

--Bob Q
The Native KNOWS where the beef is. The native knows WHASSUP????. Then Native is the real thing. It's what's for dinner, AND the other white meat. It's fat free, cholesterol free, and will soften hands while you do the dishes.

I like the Native, although I don't love lockbacks.
It don't got milk. Everything else it do.

It's not the pace of life that concerns me, It's the sudden stop at the end.
I hate to be the lone voice of dissension, but I tried out the Native at a local knife shop here in town, and the handle just did not fit my hands. The grip texture was fine, I love the blade shape, but the hnadle just felt awkward. I would suggest that if you are seriously considering purchasing one, stop in your local knife store and if they have a Native available, ask if you can see it so you can see how it feels for you.


Thank you for all your responses and I agree that I should actually take a Native in my hand and see what it's all about before shelling out the dough. Keep your responses coming, the're helping a lot.