St. Charles Show


Mar 28, 1999
Went to the show yesterday an got to meet up with some forumites.Had a great time.Yekem.Gordon.Tom,Bill,Scott,all cool guys,and all serious knifeaholics.Hope to see you guys at the next show.Hey Gordon send me an e-mail.
scott w
Just got back home and thought I would make a quick post. I had a great time. It was good to meet all of you that showed up for the show. We even had two lurkers at the show.
No more lurking you two.
It seems Yekim is the luckiest forumite. He was the winner of the CentofanteeII. The Starmate went to someone who is not a member of the forums. I have not gotten a count on the money that was raised from the raffle. I will be posting the results on that as soon as I can keep my eyes open. I ment two top notch makers from Austraila and bought a knife from each. They both deserve articles in the knife mags.

Those makers would be perfect for an article in KI "hint hint".
I think I will ba getting pictures of their work soon and will post them on my site if I do. Between the two of them they one 5 awards at the show. The names of the makers are Bruce Crawley and Peter Del Raso. Bruce had the most interesting fixed blade I have seen in a long while. I think they really dropped the ball at the Blade show when it came to these two. Peter's only piece of equipment is a cheap drill press! I was amazed at the work he is able to do with it. I am sure everyone will be after seeing his work. If anyone is interested in more info feel free to email me.


Tom Carey
Ok Tom, you talked me into it! Lurk mode off.
It was great meeting everyone. Visiting with you guys was well worth the 10 hours on the road!(Even if Yekim did win my Spyderco

I finally went home with a blue Microtech SOCOM. My wife has determined that it belongs in her pocket rather than mine! Looks like I will have to get another one. I hope to see all of you next time!

It was a fun show, even if I didn't win the Starmate...
...Free knife is better than no knife.

It was good meeting up with everyone there, and Thanks again, Gordon, for putting me up fer the night.


PS, Gordo, send me yer addy...I got a present for you...

It is not a matter of whether or not you are paranoid, it is a matter of whether or not you are paranoid enough.

Glad to see you have decided to leave the lurker ranks.
Nothing like a good reason to buy another knife.


Tom Carey